Premium Vape is a proudly Kiwi family owned and operated company with a strong presence in the New Zealand vaping market.

So how did Premium Vape start?

After watching friends and family over a period of years attempt various smoking cessation programs they began to have success using vape products. This sparked our interest in this then fledging industry as we saw the potential for vaping to be a valuable part of the journey to becoming smoke free. And so Premium Vape began.

With a business background in product sourcing and development we have been able to use this experience over the years to source Premium Vape’s selection of high quality, reliable and reputable brands. And the name says it all! Premium Vape offers customers genuine pods and devices from the best brands in the marketplace, sourced from New Zealand and around the world.

We focus on closed pod systems as we believe they are a safer, simpler vaping solution. The closed pod system delivers a consistent vaping experience and nicotine hit, giving customers greater control. Plus they are so much easier to use and more convenient they just make sense to us and our customer base.

Premium Vape is an active member of the New Zealand Vape Traders Association and we are looking forward to the continuing growth and development of the industry into the future.