There is no question that the JUUL e-cigarette is the world’s most popular vaping device. The JUUL has millions upon millions of users, and that’s because it’s undeniably a great product. That greatness, however, comes with a few significant downsides.

  • The popularity often leads to product shortages. It can be extremely hard to buy JUUL pods in New Zealand, though we do our absolute best to maintain stock of all flavours.
  • The JUUL platform hasn’t seen a major update since its release in 2015. While that’s indicative of the platform’s enormous staying power, it also means the JUUL does not feature some newer technologies that have appeared over the past few years.
  • The JUUL is a closed platform with just eight flavours available. Legal regulations in JUUL’s home country – the United States – prevent the introduction of new vaping products without approval from the Food and Drug Administration. It is unknown whether JUUL will ever release new flavours.
  • JUUL pods are among the most expensive vaping products on the market.

One – or all – of those factors brought you here in search of the best JUUL alternatives, and we’ve got four recommendations that you’re going to love.


    • Device Cost:$69.00
    • Pod Cost: $49.00 (pack of four)
    • Flavours: Poundcake, Iced Mint, Iced Watermelon, Sweet Mango, Sweet Tobacco, Iced Apple Mango, Quad Berry, Tropical Fruit Mix



We’ve invested heavily in bringing Myle pods to New Zealand because we believe that it’s destined to become the best JUUL alternative of 2019. If you’re tired of the boxy JUUL and its angled edges, you’ll love how much more comfortable the Myle feels in the hand and on the lips. Compared to the JUUL, the Myle delivers improved battery life and larger pods at a much lower price per pod.

The most important feature of the Myle pod vaping system, though, is a flavour selection that, compared to the JUUL, much more closely resembles what you’d find on the shelves of a top-quality vape shop today. With bakery flavours, iced fruits and more, the Myle is perhaps the only closed-system vaping device on the market that’s just as fun as a device with refillable pods.


    • Device Cost: $49.00
    • Pod Cost: $19.00 (pack of three)



One of the best aspects of vaping is the fact that you can find a product catering to virtually all styles and tastes. The JUUL and Myle pod vaping devices, for example, are closed systems that give you the convenience of pre-filled drop-in pods. Closed systems, however, have two drawbacks. The first is that pre-filled pods are expensive compared to bottled e-liquid. The second drawback is that, sooner or later, you’re going to want to try some different flavours. If you’ve reached that point, it’s time to try an open-system vaping device. The SMOK Infinix is one of the best JUUL alternatives on the market because it’s the flagship pod vaping device from SMOK, the world’s most popular manufacturer of vaping hardware.

When you buy a SMOK device, you know you’re getting something that’s going to offer top-quality performance. One of the best aspects of the SMOK Infinix is a pod design that draws air in through multiple channels to ensure that you get instant vapor every time you puff on the device. The Infinix is easy to fill with the e-liquid of your choice; just use the included needle-tip bottle to add your e-liquid to the pod’s side filling port. Close the pod with the stopper, drop it in and enjoy.


    • Device Cost:$69.00
    • Pod Cost: $24.95 (pack of three)
    • Flavours: Melon, Gold Tobacco, Polar Mint, Sweet Tobacco



Operating under the slogan “Bo Is Better,” Bo Vaping has raised eyebrows throughout the vaping industry by developing a device that’s clearly inspired by the JUUL but surpasses the device that inspired it in virtually every way. From the sleeker appearance to the improved battery life and longer-lasting pods, Bo One is designed from the ground up to keep you vaping longer and to help you enjoy your time that much more while you’re doing it. If that’s not the defining feature of the best JUUL alternative, we don’t know what is.

Bo One is one of the few vaping devices on the market that offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. As short as the expected lifetime of the average vaping device is, that’s a remarkable feature. When you examine the device, though, you can see why Bo Vaping chose to offer such a warranty. From the smooth ceramic coating on the exterior of the device to the sleek colours of the pods, Bo One is a vaping device that shows obvious thought in every aspect of its design.


    • Device Cost: $39.99
    • Coil Cost: $25.00 (pack of five)



To this point, our list of the best JUUL alternatives has included nothing but other pod vaping systems. Let’s suppose, though, that you’ve already tried more than one pod system and are still looking for more. Maybe you’d like something that generates much larger vapour clouds. Perhaps you’re tired of refilling your pods several times every day. Maybe you’re simply tired of using a vaping device with a battery that always seems on the verge of dying. If those statements apply to you, you’re reached the stage of your evolution as a vaper at which it’s time to upgrade to a larger vape pen.

We love the Joyetech eGo AIO. With a tank capacity of 2 ml and a battery capacity of 1500 mAh, it’s like having three JUUL pods and seven JUUL batteries in a single device that’s still small enough to fit in your pocket. If that doesn’t get you excited, this will: The Joyetech eGo AIO is actually easier to fill than most pod devices. The top cap twists off to expose the large filling well. Just add e-liquid to the fill line and replace the cap.