Can You Bring JUUL® on a Plane?

Can You Bring JUUL® on a Plane?

Your Complete JUUL® Travel Guide for New Zealand

Are you thinking about bringing your JUUL® on a plane? We have some good news for you because traveling with your vape gear isn’t like it used to be. It wasn’t long ago that anyone traveling with vape gear took the risk of having that gear confiscated simply because security workers were unlikely to know what those items were. Today, though, virtually all airport security agents know what vaping devices are and understand the rules for traveling with them.

We also have a bit of bad news for you: The days of enjoying a stealthy in-flight hit from your vaping device are also long gone. All major airlines prohibit using or charging vaping devices while onboard, so don’t even think about using your JUUL® on a plane – not even in the bathroom. Airlines consider in-flight vaping a serious safety violation, and you do not want to be on the receiving end of a punishment if you get caught. Bring some nicotine gum to keep your cravings at bay.

With that out of the way, please enjoy this complete JUUL® travel guide. Can you bring JUUL® on a plane? You bet. Here’s how.

All JUUL® Vaping Hardware Belongs in Your Carry-On Bag

Airlines have strict rules regarding batteries and battery chargers. A lithium-ion battery that’s defective, overloaded or exposed to extreme heat can potentially catch fire, and if that happens during a flight, the results can be disastrous if the flight’s support personnel don’t attend to the fire immediately. Along with all other battery-powered devices, your JUUL® belongs in your carry-on bag. You’ll also need to carry your charger along with any portable battery chargers or similar accessories that you own.

To prevent your JUUL® from activating accidentally during the flight, place it in your bag with the pod removed.

JUUL® Pods Are Allowed in Carry-On and Checked Luggage

It’s generally best to put JUUL® pods and other e-liquid products in your checked luggage. Travel only with foil-sealed pods if possible and bring only as many pods as you need. All vaping tanks and pods may leak at high altitudes, and traveling with a small supply of pods minimizes the potential loss.

If you decide to travel with your JUUL® pods in your carry-on bag, bear in mind that the pods contain liquid and are therefore subject to special rules. Most airlines allow you to carry only as many liquids as will fit in a single 1-liter zip-top bag. Your JUUL® pods or e-liquid bottles need to share that space with all of the other liquid items that you want to carry. E-liquid bottles must be 100 ml or smaller.

Obey the Laws of the Destination Country

If you’re leaving New Zealand, remember that the laws of the destination country apply to you. Some nations – such as Singapore, Thailand and India – have banned vaping completely. If you attempt to bring your JUUL® into a nation that has banned vaping, you risk having your vape gear confiscated by customs agents – or far worse. Some nations may impose strict penalties on anyone caught vaping or attempting to import vaping products. Vaping laws around the world are constantly evolving and may change without notice. You’re responsible for learning the vaping laws in your destination country before you go.

How to Use Your JUUL® at New Zealand Airports

Unless an airport has specific rules stating otherwise, you should always assume that you can’t use your JUUL® at an airport except in places where smoking is allowed. In addition, using your JUUL® at an airport will often require you to leave the security perimeter and have your bags scanned again when you re-enter the terminal.

These are the areas in which you can use your JUUL® at New Zealand’s international airports. This information is true to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing, but keep in mind that airports’ rules regarding smoking can change without notice.

  • Auckland Airport: Auckland Airport doesn’t allow smoking or vaping in any airside area of the domestic terminal, but the international terminal has a smoking lounge on the second level. Both terminals also have designated outdoor areas where you can use your JUUL® before going through security.
  • Christchurch International Airport: Christchurch International Airport doesn’t allow vaping anywhere smoking is not allowed. However, you can use your JUUL® in the designated smoking areas outside the international terminal. After security, there is also a viewing deck near gate 30 on which smoking and vaping are allowed.
  • Dunedin International Airport: Dunedin International Airport has no areas after security in which you can smoke or vape. The airport’s only smoking areas are outside the security perimeter.
  • Queenstown International Airport: Queenstown International Airport has no areas after security in which you can smoke or vape. The airport’s only smoking areas are outside the security perimeter.
  • Wellington International Airport: Wellington International Airport has no areas after security in which you can smoke or vape. The airport’s only smoking areas are outside the security perimeter.