How to Buy Real Vapes in Dubai

How to Buy Real Vapes in Dubai - Premium Vape

How to Buy Real Vapes in Dubai

Learn about the current vaping climate in Dubai and the benefits of importing your vapes from an overseas seller like Premium Vape.

In the United Arab Emirates, the smoking rate has been on the rise for the past several years. While 26 percent of adults in the UAE smoked in 2000, that number increased to 29 percent in 2015 and is expected to be as high as 31 percent in 2025. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the UAE has some of the world’s more permissive laws for vaping products – by giving adult smokers an alternative that’s just as appealing and likely less harmful, vaping represents the best chance to stem this public health crisis.

Nowhere in the UAE is vaping more popular than in Dubai. There were already plenty of vapers in Dubai when the government fully legalized vaping in 2019 – and since then, the vaping community has grown rapidly. The exponential growth in popularity, however, has helped to fuel a proliferation of fake products. From fake JUULpods® to fake Vuse® pods and Myle® pods, counterfeit vapes are everywhere in Dubai.

If you jumped online to look for JUUL® in Dubai after reading about the benefits and popularity of vaping, you should shop very carefully because counterfeit vapes and vape pods are much more common than you might think. If you don’t have a reliable vape shop near you, it might be a better idea to import your vapes from an overseas seller like Premium Vape – it’s cheaper and faster than you might think. Before we discuss that topic in greater detail, though, let’s learn a bit about the current climate for vaping in Dubai.

What Are Dubai’s Vaping Regulations?

The United Arab Emirates legalized vaping in 2019. However, according to the Khaleej Times, vaping was already common in the UAE prior to legalization. Reportedly, people used the devices in public without fear of reprisal even though vapes were technically illegal. Before vaping became legal in the UAE, though, people had to overpay for black-market vaping products and often reported feeling concerned about the safety of those products. Now, with a regulated vaping market, people are much more confident about what they buy – but fake products still get through.

The minimum legal vaping age in Dubai is 18. Vape juice with nicotine is legal, and an adult can freely purchase vaping products without having a prescription. Vaping is illegal in public places where smoking is not allowed.

What Are the Most Popular Vapes in Dubai?

With a total market size that has reached $59.38 million in 2023 and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 9.41 percent per year, vaping is incredibly popular in Dubai – and people enjoy a wide variety of products. As sorted by the monthly search volume that each product receives, these are the most popular vapes in Dubai at the time of writing.

How Common Are Fake Vapes in Dubai?

Millions of vape vapes have been seized in anti-counterfeiting operations around the world, and it’s likely that millions more are on store shelves or in consumers’ hands right now. It’s impossible to know exactly how many fake vapes exist in Dubai, but consumers have complained about poor-quality knockoffs that have caused issues such as throat soreness, excess production of phlegm and difficulty breathing.

Seizures of fake products elsewhere around the world shed some light on how common counterfeit vapes have become. In late 2022, for instance, Elf Bar® announced the results of a yearlong sting operation on producers and sellers of counterfeit vapes. The operation resulted in the closure of more than 120 illicit businesses and the seizure of more than 2 million fake Elf Bars.

Counterfeiting also affects other popular brands like JUUL® and Puff Bar®. In December 2020, United States Customs and Border Protection officers seized 42 shipments of fake Puff Bars® containing a total of 33,681 counterfeit vapes. Customs agents, however, can’t search every package. It’s reasonable to guess that the fake products that have been seized represent a fairly small percentage of what’s out there.

Why Are Fake Vapes Such a Serious Concern?

As you’ve learned from reading this article, many unsuspecting consumers have purchased fake vapes in Dubai already. Those people have complained about the quality of those products, saying that they don’t taste the same as authentic vapes. People who have purchased the fake products have also complained about breathing problems and other health issues. Companies that manufacture fake vapes have little regard for product safety, and that means a fake disposable vape, e-liquid or pod could contain potentially dangerous additives. You don’t even have any way of knowing whether the nicotine content stated on the package is accurate.

In addition to the potential dangers involved with fake e-liquids, counterfeit devices themselves also present safety concerns. For instance, a fake disposable vape or pod system could use a second-rate battery or a cell cannibalized from another device. The battery could be chemically unstable and prone to overheating. In addition to the inherent danger of using a low-quality battery, a fake disposable vape is also problematic in that it probably won’t deliver anywhere near the number of puffs stated on the package.

You Need to Know Where Your Vapes Come From

As common as fake vapes are, it’s extremely important to know the source of the products when you buy vapes in Dubai. Some of the most popular vaping products in Dubai – JUUL® and Puff Bar®, for instance – aren’t officially available in the UAE. Some vape shops in Dubai certainly go through the trouble of obtaining those products from official sources, but others may resort to buying from shady distributors who claim to have the ability to provide the same products more easily and at lower prices.

Products sold by fly-by-night distributors are highly likely to be fake – and if they aren’t fake, they could be extremely old stock that’s well past its expiration date. When you buy from Premium Vape, you won’t have to worry about those problems because we obtain our products only from official sources and can guarantee their authenticity and freshness.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Vapes in Dubai from Abroad?

As you’ve learned from this article, product authenticity is a serious concern when you buy vapes in Dubai because fake vapes are everywhere. The best way to be assured that you’re getting a legitimate product is by buying from a company that only gets its products from original manufacturers and official distributors, which is exactly what we do here at Premium Vape.

We guarantee that every product sold on this site is authentic – and since we deal in very high volumes, you don’t have to be concerned about receiving a product that’s old and stale. The other thing that makes us unique among vape shops is that we source products manufactured for markets everywhere in the world. You’ll never find a larger variety of JUULpods® and disposable vapes than what we offer on this site.

When you browse this site, you’ll find that our prices are surprisingly reasonable – and ordering vapes in Dubai from abroad is actually faster than you might think. Shipments from our New Zealand warehouse typically arrive in Dubai in about six days. If you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly vaping experts are always happy to answer your questions.

Note: Please make sure you always check the latest regulations in your country before importing our products. The info in this article is only a guide only and was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. It cannot however be in any way considered binding legal advice. It is your responsibility to check it is legal to import the products you order.