Is It Possible to Buy Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods?

Is It Possible to Buy Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods?

Is It Possible to Buy Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods?

JUUL® is the world’s most popular and best-known vaping device, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. From the slick design to the revolutionary nicotine salt e-liquid blend, JUUL® has proven to be the ideal vehicle to help millions of people around the world quit smoking. Using a closed-system device, however, comes with a major drawback in that you’re limited to only the flavours and nicotine strengths that the device’s manufacturer offers.

At least, that’s the case with every vaping device not named JUUL®.

The JUUL® is the first vaping device popular enough to generate its own ecosystem of third-party products. Think about that for a moment; there are so many JUUL® users in the world that some entrepreneurs have decided that it would be more profitable to produce JUUL® accessories than it would be to develop new vaping devices to compete with the JUUL®. That’s when you know a consumer product really has reached critical mass.

The fact that JUUL®-compatible pods exist isn’t just a great thing because it gives you an opportunity to try new flavours and keep your JUUL® supplied with pods at a lower price; it’s also great because refillable JUUL® pods allow you to use whatever e-liquid you like – even if that e-liquid contains no nicotine.

Do Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods Exist?

One of the JUUL®’s biggest selling points is its patented nicotine salt e-liquid blend. Without the nicotine salt, JUUL® is, in some ways, just another vaping device. One might also say that creating an extremely efficient nicotine delivery device and then offering customers an easy way to wean themselves off of that device doesn’t exactly serve JUUL®’s business interests. For those reasons, there are no official nicotine-free JUUL® pods. However, that fact doesn’t prevent you from buying a refillable JUUL® pod and filling it with nicotine-free e-liquid.

So, why consider using the JUUL® without nicotine? Let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of nicotine-free vaping.

Benefits of Using the JUUL® Without Nicotine

Taste Your E-Liquid More Clearly Than Ever

You may not have noticed when using the JUUL® that the nicotine itself is a significant portion of what you taste. Nicotine has a fairly peppery flavour, and that flavour is very prominent when you’re using a high-strength e-liquid such as the 5% nicotine e-liquid in most JUUL® pods. If you really want to vape for flavour, the best way to do that is by eliminating the nicotine. You’ll taste your e-liquid more clearly than ever.

May Still Help You Quit Smoking

It may surprise you to learn that some nations allow vaping but do not allow citizens to purchase nicotine e-liquid from domestic vape shops. Australia, Japan and Norway all have laws restricting the sale of nicotine e-liquid. Despite that fact, people in those nations still vape – and many of those people have quit smoking successfully even though they aren’t using nicotine e-liquid. That’s because, even if you’re using e-liquid without nicotine, vaping still mimics the hand-to-mouth ritual that reinforces the psychological addiction to smoking.

Here in New Zealand, nicotine e-liquid production and sales are regulated – but making your own nicotine-free JUUL® pods may still be useful because doing so means that you can reduce your nicotine intake. You can switch between standard JUUL® pods and nicotine-free pods, reducing your usage of the pods with nicotine gradually until you no longer need those pods at all. Once you’re no longer using nicotine, you can even quit vaping if you want to.

Drawbacks of Using the JUUL® Without Nicotine

No Throat Hit

Your first experience with nicotine-free e-liquid might come as something of a shock because, when you inhale, you’ll experience absolutely no throat hit. In most e-liquids, all of the throat hit comes from the nicotine. If you remove the nicotine, you’ll feel almost as if you’re inhaling nothing. For some people, that’s not a problem. For others, though, throat hit is a vital component of the vaping experience. Without it, it’s impossible to derive any satisfaction from vaping. If you require throat hit to enjoy your vaping experience, one simple solution is to buy the strongest menthol e-liquid you can find. Alternatively, a few drops of grain alcohol can enhance the throat hit of a nicotine-free e-liquid.

Tobacco Flavours Suffer

From this article, you’ve learned that, if you use an e-liquid with nicotine, the peppery nicotine becomes a part of the e-liquid’s overall flavour profile. The same is true when you smoke a cigarette. You aren’t just tasting the flavour of the tobacco; you’re also tasting the nicotine itself. If you’ve tried tobacco JUUL® pods from a few different makers, you’ve noticed that they all have one thing in common: They don’t taste like cigarettes. It’s simply not possible for an e-liquid to taste like a cigarette when it contains no tobacco and doesn’t produce smoke. Some e-liquids, however, still do a decent job of using a variety of nutty, savoury and woody notes to conjure flavours reminiscent of tobacco. Remove nicotine from the equation, though, and you’ll find that tobacco e-liquids taste less like real tobacco than ever. If you decide to try making your own nicotine-free JUUL® pods, you’ll almost definitely want to avoid tobacco e-liquids.

E-Liquid Flavour Quality Becomes More Important

As we’ve mentioned numerous times in this article, nicotine is an important flavour component when it’s used in an e-liquid. When you remove it, you’ll taste an e-liquid’s other flavour notes more clearly – but that’s not a good thing for all e-liquids. With a lower-quality e-liquid, you may find that removing nicotine from the equation causes undesirable flavour notes to become more prominent. It may take some experimentation before you’ll discover the perfect nicotine-free e-liquid that really satisfies your palate.

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