Why Does My Puff™ Bar Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Puff Bar taste burnt? Premium Vape

Why Does My Puff™ Bar Taste Burnt?

Does your Puff Bar taste burnt? Learn why this can happen and how to change a few things about the way you vape to prevent it in the future.

Does your Puff Bar taste burnt? If it does, you’re definitely not the first person to have experienced that problem. Although disposable vapes are the most convenient and user-friendly vaping devices on the planet, all electronic devices are prone to occasional problems that may arise because of misuse or simply because you’ve received one of the rare devices with a problem going back to its original assembly at the factory.

In either case, we’re here to help. In most cases, it’s not possible to completely fix a Puff Bar that’s producing a burnt flavour. That’s for two reasons. In some cases, the burnt taste arises because of damage to the device’s wick. That’s not fixable because the molecular changes that take place when cotton is burned are permanent. A singed wick can cause your Puff Bar to taste burnt after as little as one day of vaping – perhaps even sooner.

In other cases, the fact that your Puff Bar tastes burnt is simply a natural consequence of the device nearing the end of its usable life. That’s also not fixable. Disposable vapes are the most convenient vaping devices that you can buy, but the convenience has a price in that the devices require replacement after a few days of use.

Despite what we’ve said above, though, it’s still valuable to know why your Puff Bar tastes burnt because changing a few things about the way you vape can prevent the flavour quality from degrading and help your devices last longer.

So, why does your Puff Bar taste burnt? Let’s discuss the most common reasons.

Your Puff Bar Tastes Burnt Because You Aren’t Waiting Between Puffs

In a vaping device like a Puff Bar, the atomizer coil uses heat to vaporize the e-liquid. In essence, the coil boils the vape juice. The process happens virtually instantly when you inhale – and that requires a lot of heat. Therefore, the atomizer coil must always remain wet in order for the device to give you the best possible flavour quality. If your Puff Bar tastes burnt after a day of vaping or less, it’s probably because the heat from the atomizer coil has burned the cotton wick.

The best way to prevent the Puff Bar’s wick from burning is to wait several seconds after puffing on the device before using it again. In a Puff Bar, the wick is a wet cotton pad that’s wrapped around the atomizer coil. When you vape, the atomizer coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the inner section of the wick. That section of the wick then draws in more e-liquid from the wet outer portion. E-liquid is viscous, so the process of absorption doesn’t happen instantly. Always space out your puffs by several seconds.

Your Puff Bar Tastes Burnt Because You’re Chain Vaping

The second reason why your Puff Bar’s wick can burn is because you’re chain vaping – puffing on your device over and over without ever giving it a chance to cool down. Even if you’re allowing a few seconds between hits for the wick to equalize itself, chain vaping causes the Puff Bar’s atomizer coil to become much hotter than it would be during shorter vaping sessions. Over time, the excess heat will cause the wick to break down more quickly than it should.

Your Puff Bar Tastes Burnt Because It’s Running Out of E-Liquid

The third reason why the wick in your Puff Bar can burn is actually something you can’t really avoid. The Puff Bar is designed so that the battery will die around the same time that the device runs out of e-liquid. In some cases, though, you may exhaust the initial e-liquid supply while the battery still has some charge remaining. In that case, you’ll notice that the Puff Bar produces weak, flavourless hits even if you’re giving the wick plenty of time to equalize between puffs. If you continue vaping past that point, the wick will eventually burn because there’s no e-liquid left to protect it. Although it is technically possible to refill a Puff Bar, we think it isn’t worth the trouble because your device’s battery will die soon. At this point, it’s really necessary to replace the device.

Your Puff Bar Tastes Burnt Because of E-Liquid Residue

Although most of the reasons why your Puff Bar may taste burnt involve damage to the wick, it’s also possible for a Puff Bar to develop a caramelized or “burnt sugar” flavour as a normal consequence of using it. These days, the members of the vaping community are demanding longer-lasting devices that don’t require replacement as frequently as the disposable vapes of the past. When you have a disposable vape that delivers up to 800 puffs, though, that’s as many as four days of vaping per device; you’re almost definitely going to experience a change in flavour during that time.

All e-liquid flavours – most notably the sugar-free sweetener sucralose – leave residue on the atomizer coil of a vaping device. Over time, the residue becomes thick enough that it begins to interfere with the flavour of your e-liquid. That’s when you’ll begin to taste the “burnt sugar” flavour described above. When you’re using a Puff Bar – which doesn’t have a replaceable atomizer coil – your only option is to replace the entire device or continue using it until it runs out of e-liquid. Luckily, though, you’re unlikely to notice a drastic change in flavour until your Puff Bar is nearly dead.