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PodPods® Compatible Pods: Super Deal 17x Pack


$280.00 (NZD) inc GST


PodPods® Super Deal: Buy any 17 Podpods® packs for $280 – that’s almost 6 packs free & saves you $128!
You choose the flavours!


If you’re looking for a new replacement pod solution that makes vaping more affordable, you’ve found it right here with the most affordable original JUUL®-compatible pods on the market. And they also hold more e-liquid than the official original JUUL® pods. They’re available in a range delicious flavours, and we love them all. Grab this great bulk deal on your choice of 17 packs, choose whatever flavours you prefer, all for the great price of only $280!


PodPods® original JUUL®-compatible pods come in packs of four and contain 1 ml of vape juice each. Set in a supremely smooth nicotine salt base, these pods have a 5% or 1.6% nicotine concentration and are just as satisfying as a cigarette.


PodPods® are compatible with the Podpods® vape pen and also work well with original JUUL® devices. Important: PodPods® are compatible with original JUUL® devices only. JUUL® 2 devices will function ONLY with genuine JUUL® 2 pods, they will not work with original JUUL® compatible brands like PodPods®.


PodPods® are a great alternative to cigarettes with their great range of flavours and two nicotine strengths to choose from.

  • Pod size: 1 ml
  • VG/PG ratio: 50/50
  • Nicotine strength: 5% (50MG) or 1.6% (18MG)
  • Flavour choices:
    In 5% (50MG):
    Blueberry, Cool Mint, Crisp Mint, Golden Tobacco, Mango, Menthol, Pink Lemonade, Virginia Tobacco and Watermelon Mint
    In 1.6% (18MG): Berry, Classic Tobacco, Menthol Ice and Strawberry Ice

Please remember that unlike genuine original JUUL® pods most compatibles, including PodPods®, do not have a temperature controlled coil so must be used more gently  to avoid burning out the pod/coils. Avoid hard hits, puff gently for no more than 3 seconds then wait 30-60 seconds before the next puff.

Australia vapes customers: all our nicotine vape products are TGO-110 compliant and eligible for import under the TGA Personal Importation Scheme.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Love watermelon 🍉

Five star

Terrible, would not recommend.

Of about 40 or so pods I've used so far, 30+ of them have leaked into the unit. Waste of money. Would encourage everyone to stay away from it and disappointed Premium Vape are selling these. It was enough to make me quit vaping altogether after spending $200 on these.

Hi JD, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Popods are one of our most popular brands and are generally pretty good leak wise however all pod vape systems can/will leak to some degree. This is because there is no way to fully seal the e-liquid in the pod as there has to be a path for the vaporized e-liquid to escape and therefore e-liquid can also make its way out via the air path. One of the common causes of constant leaks is puffing too hard. Vaping is not like smoking a cigarette, you should only puff gently enough for the LED to light and vapour to be produced. Any harder and you are likely to suck liquid into your mouth via the vapour/air path or cause it to drip down into the device. Our customer support team will be in touch to see what we can do to help.

Adam Cairns
Good Value and good Pods

Makes buying them more economical and affordable

Florence Davies
Pod Pods

Great product that is tasty !

Tanya Roberts
Great Product

I had a rocky start with the pod pods brand with a pack of leaking pods. But the customer service at Premium Vape is fantastic!
At such a great price point I decided to give them another go.
They have been great. Love the flavour of the Virginia Tobacco and whilst you still do get the occasional leaking pod, that’s the same with some of the other brands too.
For the price they are great value for money. The pod pod devices are better than some of the other premium brands too. They last ages and hold their charge.
They are the only system I buy now.

Annika Oakley
6 pack bulk deal

This deal is awesome! A variety of flavours and affordable too!

Sharon Wilson
Pod vape

Great pods & great flavour

Value for money nut not Berry taste

Generally it's very nice rich taste but berry is really bad. It tastes like unproperly dried mop.

Terry Edmondson
6 pack bulk

I think it's fantastic and great deal!! Such good flavors and the new crispy mint flavor is my favorite!!!!

Stick to Juul, these are all awful

Couldn’t finish more than a few puffs. Acidic, harsh, half of the varieties just tasted like cough mixture or vomit. Would never buy again. Had to throw the whole lot out after trying all of them. This doesn't reflect on Premium Vape's otherwise excellent service. Maybe just a personal taste.

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