Best Refillable JUUL®️ Pod

Best Refillable JUUL®️ Pod

Best Refillable JUUL®️ Pod

On our Premium Vape website, we’ve got an article with step-by-step instructions explaining how to refill a JUUL®️ pod. This is handy, because it saves you having to buy more pods, but the process can be tricky and messy.

In our opinion, the best refillable pod on the market is the TEEL pod by Again. We sell this pod in packs of four for just $17.00 each, and we believe you’ll find that they can completely transform your vaping experience. Buy a pack now!

Why Is the TEEL Pod the Best Refillable Pod?

The JUUL®️ e-cigarette claims an enormous share of the market in its home country of the United States. Millions of people use it, and thanks to that popularity, there’s a thriving market of third-party accessories. In the vape pods section of our store, you’ll find an enormous selection of JUUL®️-compatible pods. Each brand of third-party pods brings something unique to the table, and we encourage you to try them all. Among all of the third-party pods in the world, though, we’ve picked the TEEL pod as the one empty JUUL®️-compatible pod to sell in our store.

So, what makes the TEEL pod so special? You can sum up the entire story just by looking at the pod. Can you tell that you aren’t looking at an official JUUL®️ pod? We can’t. The TEEL pod looks exactly the same. The details were chosen with such care that even the mouthpiece has a similar texture and feels much the same on the lips. When you switch to the TEEL pod, your device will still look and feel like an original. The only difference is that you’ll be able to fill it with whatever e-liquid you like.

How Long Does the TEEL Pod Last?

If you’ve ever tried refilling official JUUL®️ pods, you’ve probably noticed that they generally don’t last a long time. After a couple of refills, the pod begins to leak, or the flavour begins to change. When you think about it, though, that shouldn’t be surprising – it is designed for only a single use. One of the things that makes the TEEL pod so great is that it’s designed for higher durability. If you treat it right, it’ll continue to give you great performance even after several refills.

How do you keep the TEEL pod working its best? The most important aspect of maximizing the TEEL pod’s life is, in fact, the first golden rule of vaping: Always keep your coil wet! The JUUL®️ device does have built-in temperature sensing technology, and that helps to prevent a dry hit – and a permanently burned wick – if you forget to refill the pod. Temperature controls can sometimes fail, though, so don’t wait to refill the TEEL pod until the device stops producing vapour. When you can see that the level of e-liquid is low, top up the pod with more e-liquid.

The second way to maximize the life of the TEEL pod is by avoiding the use of sweetened e-liquids. People love sweet flavours, and many e-liquid makers cater to that taste by adding sucralose – also known as Splenda – to their e-liquids. Sucralose is an incredibly potent sweetener, and a small amount of it can make an e-liquid taste just like candy. Sucralose also has a serious drawback, though, in that it doesn’t vaporize. When you use a sweetened e-liquid, you’ll taste a hint of the sweetener. Most of the sucralose, though, will adhere to the coil in your pod. It’ll form a layer of dark crust that eventually begins to burn – and when that happens, you’ll taste nothing but burned sugar when you vape.

Nothing shortens the life of a vaping coil more quickly than sucralose, so you should avoid all sweetened e-liquids if you want your TEEL pod to last as long as it can. If an e-liquid leaves a sweet coating on your lips when you vape, it probably contains sucralose. If an e-liquid has only a mild hint of sweetness, on the other hand, it probably won’t contribute to reduced coil life.

Does the TEEL Pod Have Any Problems?

No vaping device is absolutely perfect. The TEEL pod, likewise, has its own quirks. The first is its airflow. Some people have pointed out that the airflow of the TEEL pod is a bit looser than that of the official JUUL®️ pod. On one hand, the looser airflow makes it easier to puff deeply and enjoy even bigger clouds, but on the other hand, the JUUL®️ has plenty of owners who actually prefer the tighter airflow of the official pods. If you’re one of those people, you can recreate the tight airflow you prefer by partially covering one of the TEEL pod’s air intake holes with your finger while vaping.

The second issue is that some people have noticed leaking when using the TEEL pod. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for that: Don’t overfill the pod. When you overfill the pod and then close it, the extra air pressure forces e-liquid through the atomizer coil’s wick. That floods the coil and causes e-liquid to leak from the pod. Always leave a bit of room for air when refilling the pod.