Australian Prescriptions Overview


Australian Prescriptions Overview

If you’re an Australian customer by now you’ll be aware that the 1 October 2021 vaping regulations are in place. This may change what you need to do to continue to purchase from overseas retailers like Premium Vape. Learn more in this overview article.

Nicotine prescription requirement

Australian consumers need a valid nicotine prescription to import vaping products purchased from overseas suppliers like Premium Vape.

As part of the 1 October 2021 regulation changes the legal classification of nicotine vaping products has been changed to prescription only medicine.

DHL now requires us to obtain a copy of your prescription so we can supply a digital copy of it, along with the other shipping documents, before they collect the parcel. This ensures the parcel will be efficiently cleared at the Australian border.

Australian Border Force will be enforcing the prescription requirement at the time of import and may stop, seize or destroy your order if there is no prescription, or they suspect it is otherwise non-compliant. You may also face penalties for importing a prescription medicine without legal authority (fines of up to $222,000).

How do I get a prescription?

You can talk to your usual GP, or the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association has a list of doctors who can help.

Some customers are choosing to get in contact with one of the providers who offer a 100% online prescription service. Once you have applied online a prescriber will be in contact with you to discuss a smoking cessation program and whether vape products are right for you.

Feedback from customers is that the following online providers are knowledgeable about incorporating vape products as part of a smoking cessation program. They have all been approved by the TGA as Authorised Prescribers of Nicotine.

Pricing for an initial online prescription ranges between AUD $70 – $100 and may be valid for anything from 1 month to 12 months depending on what is right for you. You might also want to ask the provider about the costs and process for repeats.

And rest assured, all our products are compliant with the TGO 110 product standard for products imported under the TGA’s Personal Importation Scheme.

What do I do with my prescription?

There are a couple of options:

At checkout:
Your prescription can be uploaded at checkout. The first time you go to check out after 1 October 2021 you’ll be asked to confirm you have a doctor’s prescription and to upload a copy of it in digital form (use pdf, jpg, or png file format).

Your account dashboard:
Go to the Prescription tab under My Account (you will need to be logged in) where you’ll see you can upload a file. You can also view your current and past prescription file uploads.

Please note: the contact details (including your email address) on the prescription must match your Premium Vape account details.

Once your prescription is loaded we’ll automatically include the most recent file for all future orders. We’ll supply a digital copy of it to DHL, along with the other shipping documents, before they collect your parcel. This ensures the parcel will be efficiently cleared at the Australian border. You can view your current prescription and upload a new file from your account dashboard at any time.

We’re working to ensure Australian orders get to you quickly and easily

We’re working closely with our logistics partner, distribution centre and suppliers so we can continue to streamline the order process for you.

Want more information?

For more detailed information the FAQ section on our Australian Prescription page. We also include regular updates on the Premium Vape websites as we have them.

Also check out the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s website, which includes a brief video explaining the new regulations.

Please note the information provided here is for informational purposes only. We cannot and will not offer medical or legal advice. Always talk to your doctor or a health professional. Premium Vape does not endorse or recommend any third party organisations and will not be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising out of the use, or misuse, of the suggestions made, the failure to take medical advice or for any material on third party websites.