Buy JUUL® in Australia: Lightning-Fast Shipping From New Zealand

Buy JUUL in Australia

Buy JUUL® in Australia: Lightning-Fast Shipping From New Zealand

JUUL® is the world’s most popular e-cigarette. It ushered in the era of pod vaping systems, and it popularized nicotine salt e-liquid. It delivers nicotine almost as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette, and it has enabled millions of people around the world to switch from smoking to vaping relatively easily.

There is one thing, however, that JUUL® isn’t: It’s not on Australian store shelves. Liquid nicotine isn’t available to buy in Australia without a prescription, and there are no official nicotine-free pods manufactured for the JUUL®. Therefore, it is impossible to buy JUUL® in Australia – from domestic sellers, at least.

Well, we’ve got good news! Thanks to Australia’s Personal Importation Scheme, you can buy nicotine e-liquid in Australia for personal use from overseas vendors – and if you’re going to do that, there’s no need to wait for slow shipping from the United States or Europe. We offer lightning-fast shipping from our New Zealand warehouse, and if you’d like to buy JUUL® in Australia, we’d love to be the supplier you choose.

Shop our selection of JUUL® kits and pods now. We offer JUUL® pods at some of the lowest prices anywhere, and you’ll always enjoy quick shipping to Australia from our New Zealand warehouse.

Why should Premium Vape be your vendor when you buy JUUL® in Australia? We’ll give you three good reasons.

All JUUL® Devices and Pods Are Guaranteed Authentic

Are you worried about buying knockoff JUUL® pods? You should be. JUUL® is the world’s best-known vaping brand, and the company has consistently had trouble manufacturing enough refill pods to meet worldwide demand. That leaves a huge opening for counterfeit pod makers, and thousands of fake JUUL® pods pour out of China every day.

Those pods are coming out of factories that don’t care about intellectual property laws, don’t want buyers to know who they are and, in short, aren’t worried about your health at all.

We take your safety seriously, and we will never knowingly sell fake JUUL® pods. We source our JUUL® devices and pods only from licensed distributors in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Full Range of JUUL® Pod Flavours and Nicotine Strengths

Have you ever bought JUUL® pods from a vendor in the United States? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that the selection of flavours available from American vendors has decreased with time. That’s because JUUL® no longer sells its most popular flavours – most notably the delicious mango JUUL® pod – in the United States due to the popularity of those flavours among teens.

You may not be able to buy the full range of JUUL® flavours in the United States anymore, but you can get them in Australia right here from Premium Vape. We don’t just carry the full range of JUUL® flavours; we also carry the new 1.6% nicotine strength, which has never been available in the United States.

Full Range of JUUL®-Compatible Pods and Accessories

Here at Premium Vape, we aren’t just a seller of JUUL® products; we’re a one-stop shop for everything relating to pod vaping. When you browse our store, you’ll find an enormous selection of JUUL®-compatible pods and third-party accessories. There are only so many official JUUL® flavours on the market, and buying a pack of third-party pods is a great way to have a new experience without buying a new device. Third-party JUUL®-compatible pods also tend to cost significantly less than official pods, so they’re a great way to save a little money and minimize your vaping expenses. Add a box of JUUL®-compatible pods to your cart before you check out!