How Long Does a JUUL® Pod Last?

How Long Does A JUUL Pod Last

How Long Does a JUUL® Pod Last?

The question “how long does a JUUL® pod last?” has two potential meanings. If you’re a recent convert to vaping, you might be asking that question because you want reassurance that you aren’t using your JUUL® pods too quickly. If you’re a longer-term vaper, though, you might ask that question because you want to know how long JUUL® pods last in storage. Never fear – this article will answer that question from both angles. We’ll begin with some advice for the newer vapers.

How Long Does a JUUL® Pod Last (How Many Pods Should I Use Per Day)?

Here at Premium Vape, we stock JUUL® pods in three nicotine strengths: 1.6%, 3.0% and 5.0%. The most effective way to ensure that your pods will last as long as they should is by buying the nicotine strength that’s right for your needs. Here’s a rough guide:

  • The 5% nicotine strength contains a bit more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes in each pod.
  • The 3% nicotine strength contains around the same nicotine as a pack of cigarettes in each pod.
  • The 1.6% nicotine strength contains a bit less nicotine than a pack of cigarettes in each pod.

Although the 5% JUUL® pod nicotine strength contains a bit more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes, that’s the strength we recommend starting with unless you’re an infrequent smoker.

Each JUUL® pod is rated to last around 200 puffs, but the actual number of puffs that you’ll get from each pod will vary depending on the duration of your puffs. If the nicotine strength that you’re using is the right one for your needs, you should be able to use your JUUL® about as often as you would smoke a cigarette and feel completely satisfied. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, then, each JUUL® pod should last about a day. Are you going through multiple pods per day? If you use your JUUL® pods too quickly, you might want to increase your nicotine strength.

Would you like your JUUL® pods to last even longer? Try refilling them yourself! Buy a bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid and refer to our instructions for how to refill a JUUL® pod. If you’re careful about refilling your JUUL® pods, you can often get them to last through several refills before their vapour production begins to decrease.

How Long Does a JUUL® Pod Last in Storage?

Liquid nicotine is somewhat volatile, and it doesn’t last forever in storage. While JUUL® pods do not have expiration dates on their packages, it’s generally recommended that you keep your pods in storage for no longer than about a year.

Nicotine oxidizes readily when it’s exposed to air and light. To slow the oxidation process as much as possible, keep your JUUL® pods in their original packages and store them in a cool, dark place that’s protected from direct sunlight. Note, however, that even if you exercise great care in storing your JUUL® pods, you’ll probably notice certain changes after several months.

  • The nicotine content of the pods may decrease slightly.
  • The e-liquid in the pods may begin to take on a yellow or brown colour.
  • The e-liquid may change slightly in flavour.