How to Choose Cheap Disposable Vapes in Australia

How to choose cheap disposable vapes in Australia

How to Choose Cheap Disposable Vapes in Australia

In this article, we’re going to focus on how to find cheap disposable vapes in Australia. Disposable vapes are perhaps the most popular vaping devices in the world as of 2022. They’re the easiest vaping devices to use, and they’re available in a wider variety of flavours than ever.

Vaping has a lot of enormous benefits compared to smoking. It represents an opportunity to use nicotine in a way that’s completely satisfying but doesn’t require you to inhale smoke. Vaping tastes infinitely better than smoking, and it doesn’t leave a foul odour clinging to your clothes, hair and skin. One of the greatest things about vaping, though, is that being a vaper is markedly less expensive than being a smoker. With cigarettes in Australia costing as much as $26 per pack, it’s become virtually impossible to be a smoker without significantly harming your quality of life in other areas. Vaping represents an opportunity to change your immediate financial outlook in a significant way.

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What’s the Problem with Disposable Vapes?

The one shortcoming that disposable vapes do have, though, is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than rechargeable and refillable vape kits for daily use. That’s because you’re not just buying the e-liquid when you buy a disposable vape; you’re also buying a complete electronic device with a battery. With a refillable vape kit, on the other hand, you only need to buy the device once. After that, you’re only buying e-liquid and replacement pods or atomizer coils. That’s naturally going to be cheaper.

Here’s the good news: Recent technical advancements have helped to make disposable vapes less expensive than ever. It’s even gotten to the point where disposable vapes can actually compete with rechargeable vape kits in terms of price. So, how do you find those cheap disposable vapes in Australia? How can you have the most convenient vaping experience while spending the smallest amount of money possible? Those are the things that you’re going to learn from reading this guide.

Buy Disposable Vapes from a Reliable Maker

One of the reasons why disposable vapes have become so much less expensive in recent years is because the manufacturers of the devices have moved from hand assembly – which is expensive and slow – to full factory automation to meet the extreme demand for the devices.

There are tens of millions of people in the world who vape. It’s highly likely that a significant number of those people – at least in the single-digit millions – primarily use disposable vapes. If you consider the fact that each of those people will need to buy a disposable vape every few days, that means the manufacturers of the devices need to pump out hundreds of thousands – perhaps even millions – of devices per day in order to meet the demand. The only way to do that is with large-scale automation, and the benefit for you as a consumer is that disposable vapes have become less expensive than ever.

You’ll only get the benefit of that automation, though, if you buy disposable vapes made by a well-known brand. While the top vaping manufacturers have implemented the latest and most modern manufacturing techniques, that isn’t necessarily true of the smaller and lesser-known makers.

Buy Disposable Vapes from a Reliable Seller

All of the technical innovation in the world doesn’t matter if you end up with a disposable vape that’s fake or counterfeit. In any segment of the electronics industry, you’ll find clones of the most popular products. That’s as true in the vaping industry as it is in any other industry. Thousands upon thousands of clones of the most popular disposable vapes flow out of Chinese factories every day. They end up in convenience stores, gas stations and vape shops around the world, and they’re purchased by unsuspecting consumers just like you.

Fake disposable vapes aren’t bargains because they always fail to meet expectations in some way. A knockoff device might not taste quite right and could end up being wasted because you don’t enjoy using it. Worse yet, a fake disposable vape might not deliver anywhere near the advertised number of puffs or may not work at all.

If you want to buy cheap disposable vapes in Australia, you need to buy from a company that only sells authentic products. To ensure that knockoff disposable vapes never reach our shelves, we buy only from the original manufacturers and from the official distributors authorized to carry those products.

Buy Disposable Vapes with High Puff Counts

There’s a reason why the makers of disposable vapes put puff counts on their packages; it’s to give you a general idea of how the various devices compare to one another in terms of how long they last. A device with a higher puff count will have more e-liquid, and that means you’ll be able to use the device for a longer period of time before replacing it. If you stick with disposable vapes that have high puff counts, you’ll spend less in the long run because you won’t have to buy new devices as often.

Buy Disposable Vapes with a High Nicotine Strength

When considering the best way to buy cheap disposable vapes, nicotine strength is extremely important because that affects how often you’ll need to use a device in order to feel satisfied. The most common nicotine strengths for disposable vapes are 2.5% and 5.0%. If you’re a very infrequent smoker, you may find the higher strength overwhelming and will probably have a better experience with the lower strength. Most smokers, however, will have a better experience with the 5% strength. The more nicotine you get per puff, the less often you’ll need to use your device in order to feel satisfied.

Buy Disposable Vapes in Bulk to Save on Shipping

The only way to buy disposable vapes in Australia is by having an overseas seller ship them to you. That’s what we do at Premium Vape – we ship products to Australia from our New Zealand warehouse. When you buy vape gear from an overseas seller, though, there will be shipping costs involved. That’s why we offer free shipping via DHL on purchases over NZD $100* to help offset the costs. Always take advantage of our shipping deal to keep your disposable vapes as cheap as they can possibly be.

* Free shipping via DHL to Australia for orders over NZD $100 is valid as of February 2022 but subject to change.