How to Troubleshoot a Leaking JUUL®

How to Troubleshoot a Leaking JUUL®

A JUUL® pod is an incredibly tiny vaping tank that serves a few important purposes. It’s intended to allow fresh air in and allow vapour out while holding e-liquid in a reservoir – and it’s supposed to prevent leaking even though it has multiple holes. The fact that the JUUL® pod does its job at all – and in such a small package – really is impressive when you think about it. Despite the fact that most JUUL® pods are quite reliable, though, you will occasionally encounter a pod that leaks. A leaking JUUL® pod isn’t just messy and annoying; it’s also potentially damaging to your device. If e-liquid gets inside the JUUL® battery, it could render the device inoperable. In that sense, fixing a leaking JUUL® isn’t just a matter of convenience – it’s also about protecting your investment. Let’s begin.

Clean Your JUUL® Pods and JUUL® Battery Periodically

If you have a JUUL® pod that’s really leaking, you should act quickly to prevent the e-liquid from damaging your device. Remove the pod and use a paper towel to clean the inside of the JUUL®’s pod compartment. Even when your pods don’t leak heavily, you still might find a bit of e-liquid pooled under the pods when removing them from your device. It’s a good idea to perform a bit of periodic cleaning to prevent that e-liquid from building up and causing damage. Learn how to clean the JUUL®. We also have an article explaining how to disassemble the JUUL® for deep cleaning when you have a serious leak. A clean, dry JUUL® is a happy one!

Puff Carefully When Using the JUUL®

The JUUL® pod is designed to let vapour out through a narrow centre air tube. When you puff on the device, that creates the air pressure necessary to send vapour through the tube. It’s an environment, however, with an extremely delicate balance. There is a partial vacuum inside the pod, and that’s what draws e-liquid into the pod’s wick when you vape. If you puff too aggressively when vaping, you’ll break the vacuum. That’ll force e-liquid through the wick, flooding the coil – and if you flood the coil, you’ll suck e-liquid through the air tube and into your mouth. The same can happen if you squeeze or bite the pod while using the JUUL® because compressing the pod increases its internal air pressure. Avoid putting pressure on the JUUL® pod while vaping. When you puff, use the minimum air pressure necessary to get the device’s indicator light to turn on.

Avoid Driving Through Mountains With Full JUUL® Pods

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying an occasional puff from a JUUL® while driving. If your drive involves rapid elevation changes, though, it’s a good idea to minimize the number of spare pods that you bring along. A significant increase in altitude can increase the air pressure in the JUUL® pod, creating an effect similar to what would happen if you bit down on the pod during use. You wouldn’t want to bring a full pack of JUUL® pods along on a drive through the mountains; you might return home and discover that all of your pods have leaked.

Fix a Gurgling JUUL® Pod

If you have a JUUL® pod that’s gurgling, you’ve got e-liquid caught inside the pod’s air tube. E-liquid in the air tube doesn’t just hamper vapour production; it also leads to the pod leaking and spitting e-liquid into your mouth. You can fix a gurgling JUUL® pod in one of three ways.

  • Remove the pod and invert it over a paper towel. With the top of the pod facing down, tap the pod against the paper towel to clear out the excess e-liquid.
  • Remove the pod and hold a paper towel over the intake vents on the sides of the pod. Blow gently through the pod to send the e-liquid out the air vents.
  • Disassemble the pod and remove the strips of cotton from inside the mouthpiece. Either replace the cotton with new strips or dry the old strips with paper towels and replace them. This step generally isn’t necessary unless you intend to refill the pod. If you’re only going to use the pod once, there’s no reason to disassemble it.

Refill Your JUUL® Pods Carefully

If you refill JUUL® pods, you know that it isn’t easy to disassemble, refill and reassemble a pod that was only ever intended to be used once. It can be done – and your reused pods will work quite reliably – but you’ll need to ensure that you do a few things each time to prevent your refilled pods from leaking.

  • Clean and dry the cotton pads in the mouthpiece each time you refill a JUUL® pod. The pads catch spit back and help to prevent e-liquid from getting in your mouth.
  • Don’t overfill the pod. There needs to be a bit of room for air, or you’ll push some of the e-liquid out of the pod when you reassemble it.
  • Use your fingers to compress the pod gently when you replace the rubber plug after filling. This helps to establish the partial vacuum that holds your e-liquid in place.
  • After reassembling the pod, hold a paper towel over the air intake vents and blow gently on the mouthpiece to clear out any e-liquid caught in the centre air tube.

Discard a JUUL® Pod That Doesn’t Stop Leaking

Suppose that you’ve tried everything in this article, and you’ve had no luck getting a troublesome JUUL® pod to stop leaking. You’re using it carefully. You’re tapping out the excess e-liquid, and you’re very careful about avoiding pressure changes. Nothing works; the pod is still leaking. If that’s the case, it’s time to discard the pod and begin using another one. Under the pod connection at the top of the JUUL® battery, there is a rubber dam that helps to prevent e-liquid from seeping into the device’s internals. In the case of a badly leaking pod, though, e-liquid will certainly get past the dam – and getting a few extra puffs out of a pod isn’t worth risking the loss of the entire device.