We all know that smoking is bad for you right? But how many smokers out there want to quit smoking but struggle to find an alternative to cigarettes that really helps stop them relapsing and going back to cigarettes. It’s been around for a few years now but lately JUUL® has really taken off, especially with smokers as it provides the nicotine your body craves but without the dangerous chemicals you put into your body when burning tobacco.

The JUUL® system is real easy to use, all you need to get going is a JUUL® starter kit which comes with the Juul device, a USB charger and 2 Juul Pods which contain 5% nicotine and flavouring. Once you have your JUUL® starter kit just charge the JUUL® device by plugging into a computer USB port or into a USB wall charger -the USB adapter comes in the kit. Once charged the JUUL® pod can be clicked into place on the top of the JUUL® device and you can start using it. There are no buttons to push just puff gently on the mouth piece and away you go!

Each JUUL® pod contains around the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes and you’ll get around 200 puffs out of each. There is no smelly smoke and just a hint of flavour. And at around $40 for four JUUL® pods (the equivalent of four packs of cigarettes) there is a significant cost saving in switching to JUUL® over cigarettes.

JUUL® devices are small and discrete at around the size of a pen and give smokers the feel of smoking a cigarette.

If you need help quitting smoking for good, give JUUL® a try.