Myle Vape: Review and Guide

Myle Vape Reiew & Guide

Myle Vape: Review and Guide

If you’re on the hunt for a new pod vaping system, Myle is a device that deserves to be on your short list. Given the lower cost of the pods, Myle is undoubtedly a better value than JUUL® for long-term use. In addition, with flavours like Poundcake, Iced Coffee and Cubano, Myle has a pod selection that’s completely unique and sure to please anyone on the hunt for unusual vaping experiences.

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So, why is the Myle vape worthy of your consideration, and how can you have the best possible experience with the pod system from Myle Vapor? In this Myle vape review, we’ll explain it all. We’ll also provide some helpful hints for resolving the most common Myle problems, ensuring that your experience is never anything less than perfect.

What’s Special About the Myle Vape?

As we’ve just mentioned, the Myle vape has a lower long-term cost of ownership than the JUUL®. That’s both because the pods cost less and because the pods contain more e-liquid. While a pack of four JUUL® pods contains 2.8 ml of total vape juice, Myle pods contain 3.6 ml of e-liquid per pack of four.

The Myle device, being newer, also has a slightly different design that you may find a bit more upscale and modern. The edges of the Myle are slightly curved, and some people say that it feels a bit nicer in the hand compared to the JUUL®.

An additional benefit of the Myle device is that it has multiple LEDs, making it very easy to see the remaining battery life at a glance.

Finally, the Myle features a magnetic system that makes charging easy. Just connect the charger to your laptop and drop in the Myle battery. The magnet ensures that the battery always clings in place.

Myle Review: Using the Myle Vape

Reviewing the Myle vape, one of the things that we enjoyed the most was how comfortable the device is to hold thanks to the slightly rounded edges. We also enjoyed the satisfying “click” that we felt when inserting and removing the pods.

The Myle device has excellent airflow characteristics, with a responsive puff sensor and a very free, easy draw. New pods emit a very pronounced crackle, and it’s easy to take in large, satisfying mouthfuls of vapour.

Should You Buy the Myle Vape?

The Myle vape is a great device. So, however, is the JUUL® – and unless you have unlimited funds to spend, you’re going to need to decide between the two. The two devices are very similar in functionality, so we think that your decision ultimately comes down to where you stand on these three points.

  • If you prefer to use only official pods and accessories with your pod system, the Myle vape is significantly less expensive to use. However, the JUUL® has a large ecosystem of third-party products including JUUL® compatible pods and even refillable pods. You’ll find a huge selection of those products right here, and the third-party products greatly reduce the cost of using the JUUL®.
  • If a particular device has flavour profiles that sound more attractive to you, you should consider buying that device. Boasting multiple tobacco and mint/menthol flavours, JUUL® is obviously meant to be as attractive as possible to smokers. Fruit lovers also love JUUL® thanks to the brand’s ever-popular mango flavour. Myle, on the other hand, has flavours like Iced Coffee and Poundcake, and those flavours are certain to appeal to dessert lovers.
  • If you love great industrial design, you may have a strong preference for the appearance of either the JUUL® or the Myle. If that’s the case, you should go with that device. The JUUL® is slightly sleeker – it looks like a space-age USB stick – but the Myle looks a bit more upscale and modern.

How to Refill Myle Pods

You might have heard that it is possible to refill JUUL pods. Well, you can refill your own Myle pods as well. If you refill your pods, the already inexpensive Myle vape becomes even cheaper to use. You can buy bottled e-liquid and refill your pods several times before you’ll need to throw them away. Here’s how you refill your Myle pods.

  • Remove the empty pod from the Myle device and pry the opaque plastic cap away from the pod’s translucent bottom. If you have trouble prying the pod apart with your fingernail, you may find it helpful to use a small screwdriver.
  • Remove the rubber gasket sealing the pod.
  • Add e-liquid to the pod until it is nearly full. Leave some room at the top, or the pod will overflow when you push the gasket back in.
  • Replace the pod’s gasket and cap.

Since you’re refilling a used pod, the pod’s wick should already be primed with e-liquid. You can resume vaping right away. Be warned that, when you refill your Myle pods, the performance will never be quite the same as what you’d get with a new pod. Refilled pods do leak occasionally, for instance, which is very rare with new pods. However, you can usually refill a Myle pod several times before the pod’s flavour begins to change for the worse.

What to Do if Your Myle Isn’t Hitting

Is your Myle not hitting even though you’re certain that the battery is charged? It’s likely that the contacts on the bottom of the pod aren’t properly seated against the contacts inside the top of the Myle battery. Run through these steps to troubleshoot a Myle that isn’t hitting or identify a device that requires replacement.

Fix a Flooded Myle Device

  • Check the LEDs on the front of the Myle device. Are the LEDs blinking – as if the device is charging – even though it’s not connected to the charger? It’s likely that e-liquid has leaked out of a pod and contaminated the Myle device’s internal electronics.
  • Remove the pod from the Myle device and blow firmly through the top of the battery. This may dislodge any e-liquid trapped in the device.
  • If you’re unable to blow the e-liquid out, try placing the Myle in a zip-top bag with dry rice. Give the rice about a day to absorb the liquid. If the Myle device continues blinking while not connected to the charger, it’s likely that the device requires replacement.

Fix a Myle Pod That Isn’t Seated Properly

The other potential reason why your Myle device isn’t hitting is because the contacts on the bottom of the pod aren’t making a good electrical connection with the contacts at the top of the battery. If your Myle isn’t hitting for that reason, you can sometimes resolve the issue simply by pushing gently on the pod to get it seated more firmly. If that doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and rub the pins at the top of the Myle battery gently. The alcohol will help to remove any dust or lint blocking the pins. It’s also possible that one of the pins is stuck down from a previous e-liquid leak. If that’s the case, the alcohol will loosen the stuck pin.
  • If the first step didn’t work and you can see that one of the pins at the top of the Myle device is still stuck down, try loosening the pin by pulling it up gently with tweezers.
  • If the pins at the top of the Myle device seem fine, you can also try using tweezers to pull the contacts on the bottom of the pod down slightly. By bending the metal, you can force the contacts to push more firmly on the pins at the top of the Myle. Be careful not to pull the contacts off of the pod.

If none of the above steps work, it’s likely that you need to replace your Myle device. We’ll briefly explain the Myle Vapor warranty at the end of this article.

What to Do if Your Myle Isn’t Charging

If your Myle device isn’t charging, the most likely reason is because the battery and charger aren’t making a good electrical connection. Check the metal contacts on the battery and charger for lint or dust. Remove any contaminations by scraping gently with a toothpick or by rubbing with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

If your Myle Still Won’t Charge:

  • Try a different USB port or, if possible, a different computer. You can also try charging your Myle device with a USB wall adapter, but don’t use the adapter for a tablet or mobile phone. Most modern mobile devices use much stronger charging currents than e-cigarettes are designed to support. A wall adapter for a mobile device could cause your Myle device to overheat.
  • Try a different Myle charger if you have one available. It’s possible that the charger you’re using has a problem.

The Myle One-Year Warranty

The Myle vaping device includes a one-year warranty. If your Myle vape has stopped working correctly – and you’ve tried all of the tips in this article – it’s likely that the device requires replacement. You can contact Myle Vapor for a new device within a year of purchase if the device hasn’t failed due to modification or misuse.

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