Myle vs. JUUL®: What’s the Best Pod System on the Market?

Myle vs. JUUL®: What’s the Best Pod System on the Market?

Myle vs. JUUL®: What’s the Best Pod System on the Market?

Here at Premium Vape, it’s our goal to carry the best pod systems on the market. The vapers and future vapers of New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere have plenty of options available when it’s time for them to choose the vaping devices that fit their needs. If you’ve ever spent any time reading about vaping, you know that pod systems are where it’s at right now. They’re small, they look nice and they’re incredibly easy to use. A pod system is almost always the best e-cigarette for a beginner to buy.

The only real drawback of pod vaping systems is that, when you’re designing a vaping device that’s intended to be as small and sleek as possible, there’s only so much room for creativity. Based on appearance alone, there isn’t much differentiating one pod device from the next. Since it isn’t easy to tell the differences between vaping devices just by looking at them, many people opt for JUUL® by default because it has popularity and name recognition going for it. Everyone knows what JUUL® is, and everyone knows that it works because millions of people use it.

JUUL® is a great vaping device, and it is very deserving of its popularity. However, there are also some very good reasons why it may also be worthwhile for you to consider a device that isn’t as well known. JUUL®, for instance, is the most expensive vaping device on the market when you consider the daily cost of refills. Other vaping brands also offer different selections of flavours, and you may find that another brand has an e-liquid selection more to your liking.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Myle vaping system as it compares to JUUL®. As you explore the differences between the various vaping systems, we hope that this Myle vs. JUUL® comparison is useful.

Physical Design

On first inspection, it’s obvious that the Myle and JUUL® vaping devices look quite similar. They’re both long and flat, somewhat resembling USB sticks. The appearance that you prefer is a matter of personal taste, but both devices feature similar design touches that enhance both durability and usability. To name two examples, the Myle and JUUL® devices both feature metal rather than plastic cases. In addition, both devices have magnetic charging adapters that make charging easy and reduce the possibility of accidents.


Some manufacturers in the vaping industry try to earn more money up front when selling their devices, while pricing their pods as affordably as possible. JUUL® isn’t a manufacturer in that category; JUUL® devices are quite inexpensive, with a starting price of $49.00. Myle devices have a starting price of $69.00. However, Myle pods are more affordable. While a pack of four Myle pods costs $36.00 at the time of writing, a pack of four JUUL® pods costs $44.00 and up, depending on the flavour. After just a handful of pods, Myle becomes the cheaper of the two devices – and the price is just the beginning.

Pod Capacity

JUUL® pods aren’t just more expensive than other pods. With a capacity of 0.7 ml, they’re also some of the smallest vape pods on the market. Myle pods, on the other hand, have a capacity of 0.9 ml. That might not sound like a big difference, but it can really add up over time.

Let’s examine how the cost of Myle vs JUUL® pods breaks down per ml of e-liquid.

  • If a pack of four JUUL® pods costs $44.00 and contains 2.8 ml of e-liquid, that’s a cost of $15.71 per ml.
  • If a pack of four Myle pods costs $36.00 and contains 3.6 ml of e-liquid, that’s a cost of $10.00 per ml.

As you can see, the potential savings over a year of vaping can be enormous.

Battery Capacity

Being slightly larger, the Myle device has room for a higher-capacity battery compared to the JUUL®. The JUUL® has a battery capacity of 200 mAh, and the Myle has a capacity of 240 mAh. The higher battery capacity of the Myle means that you can vape longer on a single battery charge. The Myle device also has higher-capacity pods, so you can expect both devices to deliver about enough battery life for you to vape one full pod from start to finish.

Flavour Selection
Myle Pod Flavours

At the type of writing, these are the official flavours available for the Myle vaping system.

  • Cubano
  • Iced Apple Mango
  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Mint
  • Iced Quad Berry
  • Iced Watermelon
  • Poundcake
  • Sweet Mango
  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Tropical Mango
JUUL® Pod Flavours

These, meanwhile, are the flavours available for the JUUL® vaping system. Note that JUUL® manufactures different pod flavours for different regions of the world. At Premium Vape, we try to carry as many region-specific JUUL® pods as possible in one place. Flavours with similar names taste similar to one another.

  • Alpine Berry
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Crème Brulee/Vanilla/Royal Crème
  • Cucumber
  • Fruit
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Mango/Mango Nectar
  • Menthol
  • Mint/Glacier Mint
  • Virginia Tobacco

In terms of the official flavours, JUUL® and Myle have roughly the same selections available. However, that statement doesn’t touch on the fact that you can also find third-party pods – even refillable pods – for the JUUL® vaping system. The JUUL® brand is so popular that the JUUL® device has its own selection of third-party compatible pods and other accessories. The third-party products greatly increase the available range of JUUL® flavours, and no other vaping device can boast its own ecosystem of third-party accessories.

Nicotine Strength

The fact that you can find refillable pods for JUUL® also means that you can do something with the JUUL® that you can’t do with any other pod system that uses pre-filled pods. You can use any e-liquid nicotine strength that you want – even if that means using nicotine-free JUUL® pods.

Since we carry JUUL® pods manufactured for different regions around the world, we can also say that – at least if you buy from Premium Vape – you can choose from more nicotine strengths with JUUL®’s official pods than you can with Myle’s official pods. Myle pods are only available in a nicotine strength of 5%. JUUL® pods are available in nicotine strengths of 5%, 3% and 1.6%.

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