Vorteke Disposable Vapes: New Zealand’s Favourite Brand

Vorteke Available at Premium Vape

Vorteke Disposable Vapes: New Zealand’s Favourite Brand

The Vorteke disposable vape is one of the first e-cigarettes produced for the thriving New Zealand vaping market, and you can buy Vorteke right here in Australia at Premium Vape.

All over the world there is a trend towards disposable vapes as vapers move away from the traditional refillable or pod-based e-cigarettes of the past.

Why buy disposable vapes produced for markets on the other side of the world when you could buy devices designed for vapers right here instead? The Vorteke disposable vape is one of the first e-cigarettes produced for the thriving New Zealand vaping market, and you can buy Vorteke right here in Australia and New Zealand at Premium Vape.

What Makes Vorteke Better Than Other Disposable Vapes?

Our favourite thing about the Vorteke disposable vape is the fact that it’s one of the few e-cigarettes in the world with a flavour range specifically selected to please vapers in New Zealand and Australia. While there are plenty of delicious e-liquid flavours on the market today, the fact is that companies manufacturing vaping devices for regions such as the United States would never think of including a flavour like blackcurrant. You’ll get that with Vorteke, though – along with plenty of other flavours that people love in this region of the world.

Compared to most of the other disposable vapes on the market, Vorteke’s devices last significantly longer. That’s a great thing for you because it makes the convenience of using disposable e-cigarettes as affordable as it can possibly be. The longer your devices last, the less often you’ll need to replace them. The Vorteke disposable vape has 6 ml of vape juice and uses a powerful 1,000 mAh battery to deliver up to 1,600 puffs. Considering that a pack of cigarettes lasts around 300 puffs on average, you can easily use a single Vorteke device for several days.

The final great feature of the Vorteke disposable vape is that it’s available in two nicotine strengths: a higher strength of 5% and a lower strength of 2.5%. Most disposable vapes are only available in the higher 5% strength, giving you no real option for reducing your nicotine intake except switching to a completely different type of device. Having a lower nicotine strength available makes it possible for you to reduce your nicotine consumption at your own pace after using the higher 5% strength to help yourself get past the initial stage of switching from smoking to vaping. The lower strength is also an appropriate choice for infrequent and social smokers.

To learn more about the great flavour range of Vorteke disposable vapes see our Vorteke brand page.

Guaranteed Authentic Disposable Vapes in Australia and New Zealand

Did you know that disposable vapes are some of the most commonly counterfeited vaping products in the world? The unfortunate reality of the vaping industry is that there are unscrupulous factories overseas that produce knockoff vaping products and ship them to unsuspecting customers worldwide. You may find fake disposable vapes in your local convenience stores, and it’s even possible that the sellers of those devices will be completely unaware of the problem; they’re simply buying what’s available from their distributors. We source Vorteke disposable vapes directly from Vorteke in New Zealand to ensure that you’ll never receive a fake product. Like all of the vape gear sold here at Premium Vape, we guarantee that you’ll receive only authentic products when you buy from us.