What Disposable Vape Offers The Best Value For Money?

What Disposable Vape Offers The Best Value for Money? Premium Vape

What Disposable Vape Offers The Best Value For Money?

A question we often get asked is what disposable vape offers the best value for money?

The first thing to consider is the nicotine strength. If you need nicotine, you use it. When you’re satisfied, you stop. So the best way to compare products directly is to figure out how much you’re paying per milligram of nicotine.

With disposable vapes, you’ll find that the devices with the highest e-liquid capacities typically have the lowest prices. That’s because the hardware components are always the most expensive parts of the device to produce. In comparison, the cost of the e-liquid is trivial.

This table shows the cost in NZD cents per puff for the disposable brands we sell here at Premium Vape. You’ll see the high-capacity brands like Elfbar, Vorteke and Puff™ Bar offer the best value for money (multiply the nicotine strength by the total volume of vape juice then divide by the price to get the cost per mg of nicotine).

ELFBAR $          39.95 $                              0.06
VORTEKE (50MG) $          27.00 $                              0.09
PUFF™ BAR $          16.00 $                              0.09
VORTEKE (25MG) $          27.00 $                              0.18
VUSE $          12.00 $                              0.20
ZIIP™ $          14.00 $                              0.20
MYLE $          27.00 $                              0.23
ENVIRO $          14.95 $                              0.37

Also, remember these prices are in NZD. If you’re in Australia for example, the exchange rate is around AUD $0.90 per NZD so you’re saving about 8% on our website prices.

Plus keep an eye out for specials as we’re often running sharp deals that can make your favourite brand even better value!

Of course, there are other considerations when choosing your favourite disposable vape. If you’re gradually decreasing your nicotine intake then a lower nic strength vape will be the best choice. Both Vorteke & Myle® have lower nic strength options that still offer good value per puff.

And then there is flavour! Ziip™ for example offers flavours like Strawberry Lemonade that make them a pretty firm favourite amongst PV customers.

For more info, including how to work out the cost per milligram of nicotine of pods and vape juice see our article What Are The Best Ways to Get Cheap Vapes or get in touch if you have any questions.