Vorteke Puk Hybrid Vape Pod – Banana 35mg/ml


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Redefining Vaping Pleasure with the Vorteke puk. Pod in Banana! Use with the re-chargeable, reusable puk. battery and enjoy up to 4000 puffs of 35mg/ml nicotine vape juice from every delicious flavoured pod.


The ever-evolving Vorteke is back, reaching newer horizons, intertwining trusted performance with relentless innovation.


Tantalize Your Taste Buds:


Indulge in the tropical symphony of our Banana Vorteke puk. Pod. Every draw cocoons you in the velvety embrace of sun-kissed bananas, transporting you instantly to a serene beachfront, with the sun, sea, and swaying palms. Let each puff be a mini-vacation for your senses.


Why Vorteke Puk. Pod?


🌿 Sustainable Vaping: With the revolutionary reusable puk. battery, make each vaping moment a testament to both pleasure and planet.


🛠️ Simplified Usage: A groundbreaking 5-step sequential operation ensures your device is always ready when you are. Switch on, off, on, off, and back on, and you’re good to go!


🔍 Finely Crafted Experience: Designed with precision and passion, this pod promises consistent flavor in every inhale, ensuring an unmatched vaping journey.


Technical specs:

  • Puff Duration: an astounding 4000 puffs
  • eLiquid Volume: a generous 10mL
  • Compatibility: Perfectly pairs with the puk. battery
  • Get your reusable puk. battery here and start your vaping adventure!


Explore More: Our Banana flavour is just one gem in a treasure trove. Dive into Premium Vape’s Vorteke puk. vape pod collection and discover nine other exotic flavors, each promising a unique thrill.


Elevate your vaping experience. Choose Vorteke puk. Pod and let each cloud tell a story of flavour, innovation, and sustainability. Your next best puff awaits.


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