Buying Disposable Vapes Near Me in Australia: Here’s How to Do It

Buying Disposable Vapes Near Me in Australia: Here’s How to Do It

Buying Disposable Vapes Near Me in Australia: Here’s How to Do It

In this article learn about buying disposable vapes in Australia and how importing is the best way to get a product that you know is legal and safe to use.

“How can I buy disposable vapes near me in Australia?”

This is a question that Australian vapers – and smokers who would like to switch to vaping – ask every day because of the unique way in which Australia handles nicotine from a regulatory standpoint. You can buy tobacco products from retail establishments, and you can also buy traditional smoking cessation products because those have been approved for medical use. Other nicotine products, however, are controlled substances – and that includes disposable vapes with nicotine.

There is a way to buy disposable vapes with nicotine in Australia, but you can’t get them legally from any retail store. Instead, you’ll need to import them from overseas – and if you don’t want to deal with lengthy shipping times, you’ll want to get them from a seller that’s as close to home as possible.

There’s only one way to buy disposable vapes near you if you want nicotine.

If you want to buy disposable vapes near you, your best option is to get them from New Zealand.

Premium Vape is an online vape shop based in and shipping from New Zealand. We are proud to be fully compliant with all Australian vaping regulations, and we’re happy to walk you through the process of obtaining your nicotine prescription as quickly and easily as possible.

Reading this article, you’re going to learn everything that you need to know about buying disposable vapes near you. You’re also going to learn why importing is the only way to get a product that you know is legal and safe to use. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, here’s a primer on how Australia’s vaping laws work.

How do Australia’s vaping laws work?

We answer this question in much greater detail on our page explaining nicotine prescriptions in Australia. In short, though, any nicotine product that isn’t a tobacco product or an approved smoking cessation aid is a controlled substance according to Australian law. That includes vaping products with nicotine, which are not available in Australia through traditional retail channels.

Although e-liquid with nicotine is a controlled substance in Australia, the law recognises the fact that certain controlled substances do have therapeutic value and that some of those substances may be difficult to obtain – even with a prescription – because they aren’t produced in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration Personal Importation Scheme is a regulation that allows private citizens to import certain controlled substances for personal use with a prescription, and nicotine is one of those substances. Once you’ve obtained a prescription from your doctor, you’re free to import disposable vapes into Australia from a retailer like Premium Vape.

Why can’t I buy disposable vapes near me at a local vape shop?

You actually can buy disposable vapes at many Australian vape shops. The problem, though, is that those products are only legal for purchase if they don’t contain nicotine. Any Australian vape shop that sells products with nicotine is doing so illegally. Although Australian vape shops can’t sell nicotine, they still perform an important service by providing a local source of devices, batteries and replacement pods and coils. Australian vape shops also sell nicotine-free e-liquid and disposable vapes.

Can I buy disposable vapes from a pharmacy after getting a prescription?

A pharmacy can only provide a product if that product has been cleared by Australia’s regulatory authorities for medical use. So far, no disposable vaping device has received medical approval in Australia. Compounding pharmacies in Australia can produce bottled e-liquid if they have the required ingredients, which include pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. However, it’s not likely that the e-liquid will be flavoured. In addition, bottled e-liquid is intended for use with refillable vaping devices – not disposable vapes. The only way to legally buy disposable vapes with nicotine in Australia is by importing them.

I found a website that ships disposable vapes to Australia and doesn’t require a prescription. Can I buy from them?

The fact that an overseas retailer is unaware of Australia’s vaping regulations – or is ignoring the regulations – doesn’t mean that those laws don’t exist. When you buy disposable vapes from abroad, you are the importer and are therefore responsible for your own legal compliance.

If you are found to have violated the law by attempting to import nicotine without a valid prescription, your shipment may be destroyed, and you may even face an incredibly steep fine of up to $222,000.

We ship disposable vapes to Australia using DHL as a carrier. DHL requires us to obtain a copy of your prescription for nicotine, and the prescription becomes a part of the shipment’s digital record. This ensures that customs agents will be able to process the shipment quickly and that you won’t need to wait for your products unnecessarily.

I know someone locally who says that they can get disposable vapes with nicotine. Should I buy from them?

Since implementing the new vaping regulations, Australia has had some problems with retailers and individuals who have attempted to import and sell vaping products with nicotine – particularly disposable vapes – without going through the proper legal channels. We strongly recommend against buying disposable vapes “under the table.” It’s an enormous risk for several reasons. Here are two of them.

  • An individual who obtains a prescription for nicotine and imports disposable vapes with the intention of reselling them on the open market is essentially selling prescription drugs without a licence. Likewise, you’re buying prescription drugs without a prescription. The potential legal ramifications simply aren’t worth it.
  • As we mentioned above, there are many retailers around the world who will happily ship vaping products to any address as long as the buyer pays for them because whether the buyer has the legal right to purchase those items is not their responsibility. The same is true of some manufacturers of vaping products, who will mislabel the products as nicotine free – or even label them as something other than vaping products – so the shipments will get through customs without being seized. If a product is intentionally mislabelled, you don’t know what’s in it or even if it is safe to use. Australia has strict laws regarding the ingredients that are and aren’t allowed in vaping products. All of the products sold at Premium Vape comply with those laws.