Can You Recharge a Puff™ Bar Disposable Pen?

Can You Recharge a Puff Par? Premium Vape

Can You Recharge a Puff™ Bar Disposable Pen?

In this article learn how Puff™ Bars work and why Premium Vape strongly recommends against attempting to recharge a Puff Bar disposable pen.

It’s the middle of the night. You’ve forgotten to order more Puff Bars, and your last disposable vape is clearly on its last legs and just about out of battery life. You won’t have an opportunity to get a new Puff™ Bar until tomorrow at the soonest. In the meantime, you need to make the device that you have last as long as it possibly can. So, can you recharge a Puff Bar?

We’re going to start this article with a bit of bad news. Although it is technically possible to recharge a Puff Bar, we wouldn’t ever recommend trying it because of the extreme effort and potential danger involved. Refillable pod vapes are so cheap that there’s really no point in trying to hack your Puff Bar to support recharging when you could just buy a rechargeable vape for a little more.

Unfortunately, we just started this article by delivering an answer that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for. You might still be interested, though, in learning a bit more about how Puff Bars work and why we strongly recommend against attempting to recharge a Puff Bar. Let’s dive in!

How Do Puff Bars Work?

All Puff Bar models work in essentially the same way. The device has a sensor that detects when air flows through the device. When you puff on the Puff Bar, it trips the sensor and causes the battery to send power to the atomizer coil. When the coil heats up, the device produces vapour.

The component that creates vapour inside the Puff Bar is called an atomizer coil. It’s a coiled length of wire that heats up when powered by electricity. A heat-resistant wick is wrapped around the coil, and the entire assembly is surrounded by a large cotton pad that’s saturated with e-liquid. As you vape, the process of absorption draws e-liquid from the cotton pad to the inner wick, where it’s vaporized by the coil.

A Puff Bar has a pre-charged single-use battery, and the device is designed so that the battery will die around the same time that the Puff Bar runs out of e-liquid. At that point, you’ll dispose of the Puff Bar – hopefully through a recycler that handles e-waste – and you’ll start using a new device.

Can You Recharge a Puff Bar?

No. The original Puff Bar has no charging port and doesn’t officially support recharging.

Can You Recharge a Puff Bar Plus?

No. The Puff Bar Plus has no charging port and doesn’t officially support recharging.

Can You Recharge a Puff Bar Flow?

No. The Puff Bar Flow has no charging port and doesn’t officially support recharging.

How to Recharge a Puff Bar

Despite what we’ve just said above, it is technically possible to recharge a Puff Bar – or to at least attempt it. Doing so requires you to open the device and expose the leads connecting the battery to the device’s mainboard. You’ll also need to clip the end off of a USB cable to expose the wires that deliver power. However, we do not provide detailed Puff Bar charging instructions here due to the risk involved. We believe that attempting to recharge a Puff Bar is dangerous and not worth the effort.

Here’s why.

Trying to Recharge a Puff Bar Is Dangerous and Not Worth the Effort

If you search online, you’ll find videos that explain the process of recharging a Puff Bar – stripping a USB cable and connecting the leads to the battery – in great detail. We’re going to try, however, to dissuade you from attempting that. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to recharge a Puff Bar.

  • You have no way to regulate the battery’s voltage because the Puff Bar doesn’t have the components required for safe battery management. You can’t even be certain what amperage is flowing through the USB cable because the Puff Bar lacks the circuitry required to negotiate the charging parameters with the host device.
  • You have no way of knowing whether your particular device uses a primary (lithium) or rechargeable (lithium-ion) battery. Primary batteries aren’t designed for recharging. You’re probably aware of the danger involved in attempting to recharge a disposable alkaline battery – the battery could expand, leak or overheat. The Puff Bar battery may have the same potential dangers.
  • Even if you follow the instructions precisely, your Puff Bar may not recharge. In a primary battery, the electrical current is intended to flow in only one direction. Attempting to reverse the flow of the current sometimes simply doesn’t work.
  • There is a chance of a short circuit if you connect the USB cable to the Puff Bar battery incorrectly. In the event of a short circuit, a lithium-ion battery may vent hot gas or even start a violent fire. Because the Puff Bar isn’t designed for recharging, it lacks the circuitry that rechargeable vaping devices use for battery cell monitoring and safe current flow.

In addition to all of the potential dangers mentioned above, we must also reiterate that attempting to recharge a Puff Bar is simply too much effort to be worthwhile. The reason why people buy disposable vapes is because they’re the most convenient vaping devices on the market. If you try to recharge a Puff Bar, you’re negating that advantage and are actually putting forth much more effort than a rechargeable device requires. If you want a vaping device that supports recharging, buy a refillable pod vape. If you want convenience, buy Puff Bars – but don’t try to recharge them.