Can You Refill a Puff™ Bar?

Can You Refill a Puff Bar? Premium Vape

Can You Refill a Puff™ Bar?

When your Puff Bar disposable vape pen runs out of e-liquid, it’s time for a new device – or is it? Can you refill a Puff Bar and continue using it?

There is no question that the Puff Bar Plus is one of the best disposable vapes on the planet. It’s incredibly affordable, and it lasts for up to 800 puffs. Most importantly, it’s available in a wide variety of tasty flavours – and it’s filled with super-satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid to deliver nicotine about as efficiently as a cigarette.

When your Puff Bar runs out of e-liquid, though, the party is over. It’s time for a new device – or is it? Can you refill a Puff Bar and continue using it?

Reading this article, you’re going to learn that it actually is possible to refill a Puff Bar. However, there are several reasons why you probably don’t want to. Trying to refill a disposable vape that’s only designed for temporary use is incredibly inconvenient compared to owning a vaping device that’s designed for refilling – and that’s just the start. There are also several other reasons why you probably wouldn’t want to try refilling a Puff Bar.

Reading this article, you’re going to come away with an understanding of both sides of the issue. We’re going to explain how to refill a Puff Bar – and we’re also going to explain why you’d probably be much happier if you didn’t bother. Let’s begin!

Why You Probably Don’t Want to Refill a Puff Bar

As promised, we’re going to start this article by explaining that refilling your Puff Bar probably isn’t really something you want to do. Although it’s technically possible to do, it requires an enormous amount of effort and most likely won’t give you the type of vaping experience you want. Here’s why.

  • Refilling a Puff Bar – or any single-use vaping device – takes a great deal of effort and is incredibly inconvenient. You’ll need to disassemble the entire device to refill it, and it’s very easy to break a wire and ruin the device during that process.
  • A Puff Bar is calibrated so that it’ll run out of e-liquid and battery power at around the same time. If you refill your Puff Bar, it’s very likely that much of your e-liquid will end up being wasted because the device’s battery will die soon after. There is no safe way to recharge a Puff Bar, and we don’t recommend trying it. When the battery is dead, it’s time to replace the device.
  • By the time you reach the end of your Puff Bar’s original e-liquid supply, it’s likely that the device’s atomizer coil will have already begun to degrade. The flavour quality won’t be the same as it was when the device was new.

If you want to use a vaping device that you can refill, you really should buy something that’s easy to fill and has a rechargeable battery. We offer a wide selection of vape kits with pre-filled pods and devices with refillable pods. Attempting to refill a Puff Bar is essentially trying to shoehorn a feature that the device was never intended to have, and it’s highly likely to end in disappointment.

Do You Really Need to Refill Your Puff Bar?

The next thing you need to consider before you attempt to refill a Puff Bar is why you actually want to do that. Are you sure that your Puff Bar is actually out of e-liquid, or are you just getting weak hits when vaping? If you’re getting weak hits, it may not have anything to do with your device being out of vape juice; maybe you’re just not giving the wick enough time to equalize itself between puffs.

When you use your Puff Bar, the device’s atomizer coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the inner portion of the wick, which touches the atomizer coil. Between puffs, the wick equalizes itself through the process of absorption. It takes a moment for the e-liquid to move from the outer portion of the wick to the inner portion – and if you vape while the wick is still equalizing, you’ll get a weak hit. If your Puff Bar is still relatively new, don’t assume that it’s out of e-liquid if you’re getting weak hits. It could just be that you need to put the device down for a few minutes.

How to Make a Puff Bar Last Longer by Conserving the E-Liquid Supply

Before we continue with our explanation of how to refill a Puff Bar, we’d like to discuss a final subject that you might find useful. If you’re thinking about trying to refill your Puff Bar, it’s probably because the device isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to. A Puff Bar Plus delivers up to 800 puffs, and that should be enough for about 2-4 days of vaping depending on how you use your device. If you’re not getting that kind of usage out of your Puff Bars, we have three tips that may help.

  • Take shorter puffs. A Puff Bar Plus won’t deliver anywhere near 800 puffs if you’re taking long, deep puffs every time you vape. Try to limit your puffs to about one second each.
  • Don’t keep your Puff Bar next to you all day. If your device is always available, you’ll use it constantly and will probably end up consuming more nicotine than you really need.
  • Wait several seconds between puffs when you use your Puff Bar. That helps to prevent the device from generating excess heat, which will drain the device’s e-liquid supply – and its battery – more quickly.
How to Refill a Puff Bar or Puff Bar Plus

We’ll conclude this article by answering the question that brought you here in the first place: How do you refill a Puff Bar? These instructions apply to both the Puff Bar and the Puff Bar Plus, which are constructed similarly despite their differing sizes and shapes.

Important Note: Puff Bar products are not intended to be serviced by end users. Any lithium-ion battery presents a potential fire risk if it is mishandled. This information is presented for informational purposes only. Do not follow any of these steps if you do not understand the safety risks inherent in disassembling electronic items. Premium Vape disclaims all liability for any adverse events occurring due to the use or misuse of this information.

  • Remove the Puff Bar’s bottom cap by wiggling it with your fingers or prying with a thin tool such as a metal spatula. Do this extremely carefully because the battery is attached to the bottom cap with a pair of extremely fragile wires.
  • Remove the Puff Bar’s internal components by pulling the device’s bottom cap down gently until you can see the battery start to emerge. As soon as you can see the battery, pull the battery down instead of pulling the bottom cap and wires. Eventually, all of the internal components will come out. You’ll see an atomizer coil with a cotton plug wrapped around it. The atomizer and cotton plug are connected to the battery, and the battery is connected to the Puff Bar’s bottom cap.
  • Add several drops of e-liquid to the cotton plug. After you do that, the plug should be very damp.
  • Slide the internal components back into the Puff Bar and replace the bottom cap.

Sometimes, the Puff Bar’s components are packed extremely tightly inside the device and can’t be removed easily. If the battery doesn’t slide out easily when you pull on the bottom cap, don’t force it because you could break the wires and render the device inoperable. Instead, you’ll need to push the components out from the top of the device.

Start by wiggling the Puff Bar’s top cap with your fingers or prying the cap with a thin tool as described above. Do this after removing the bottom cap. Under the top cap, you’ll find a fabric pad and a silicone gasket. Those components help to regulate airflow and prevent e-liquid from spitting out of the device. Remove those two components with a pair of tweezers and push the remaining components down gently. When the battery emerges from the bottom of the device, continue following the instructions above. Replace the pad and gasket before putting the Puff Bar’s top cap back on.