Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide Most Popular Refillable Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System

The Uwell Caliburn is easily the most popular refillable pod system in the world at the moment. That fact became abundantly clear when most of the factories in Shenzhen shut down for weeks at the beginning of 2020. Not long after that, vaping discussion groups on Reddit and elsewhere began to fill up with messages from people who were unable to find Uwell Caliburn pods at their favourite vape shops. Some people even began to fear that the Caliburn was discontinued. You didn’t see discussions like that about any other pod system – just the Caliburn by Uwell.

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This article is much more than a Uwell Caliburn review. It is also a comprehensive guide to the Caliburn that explains how to have the best possible experience with the device and resolve the most common Caliburn problems. We’ve been putting this device through the ringer since its release, and we like to think that we know just about everything about it. We hope you’ll find the information useful.

Uwell Caliburn Review: The Bottom Line

The bottom line on the Uwell Caliburn is that if you’re looking for a refillable pod system that offers dramatically better performance than what you’re currently getting with your JUUL® or other pre-filled device but doesn’t fill your life with unwanted complications, the Caliburn needs to be on your short list.

Filling your own pod isn’t quite the same as just dropping in a pre-filled pod and vaping, but it’ll become second nature after you’ve done it once or twice. The trade-off is that you’ll get dramatically better battery life and bigger, more satisfying vapour clouds. You’ll also save a ton of money.

Why does owning the Uwell Caliburn cost so much less than owning the JUUL® or another device with pre-filled pods? It’s because each time you buy a pre-filled pod, you aren’t just buying the e-liquid in the pod. You’re also buying the pod’s plastic enclosure, gold-plated contacts, atomizer coil and so on. You don’t really need an entirely new pod each time you run out of e-liquid, though, and e-liquid costs dramatically less when you buy it by the bottle. A refillable pod system always costs less to use than a system with pre-filled pods.

If you use unsweetened e-liquid, you can expect your Uwell Caliburn pods to last 1-2 weeks each. That’s incredibly cheap compared to buying a new JUUL® pod every day.

Uwell Caliburn: Features and Specifications

The Uwell Caliburn is a highly capable pod system that deftly straddles the line between performance and ease of use. These are its basic specifications and features:

  • Pod Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Battery Capacity: 510 mAh
  • Coil Resistance: 1.4-ohm vertical coil
  • Operational Power: Up to 11 watts
  • Charging Speed: 1.0 amp
  • Passthrough Support: Yes, if the battery has a partial charge
  • Firing Method: Automatic or manual

What’s Included With the Uwell Caliburn Kit?

Here’s what you’ll receive with the Uwell Caliburn starter kit:

  • Uwell Caliburn pod vaping system
  • Two Uwell Caliburn pods
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Safety Features

The Uwell Caliburn may be a simple and user-friendly device, but it also has several built-in safety features to protect you while vaping. Those features include:

  • Short Circuit Detection: device stops working automatically if the atomizer coil has a fault
  • Battery Voltage Protection: device stops working automatically when it’s time to recharge the battery
  • Automatic Draw System Fail-Over: device switches to manual-only operation if it detects a fault with the automatic draw system
  • Automatic Puff Timer: device limits puffs to 10 seconds each to prevent premature coil burnout
  • Locking Fire Button: press the fire button five times quickly to lock or unlock the device

Design and Build Quality

When we opened the box for the first time, our first impression of the Uwell Caliburn was that the build quality was really quite excellent. The aluminium body of the device features some nice vertical fins that both make the device a little more grippy and help to dissipate heat.

The Uwell Caliburn is a bit larger than the JUUL® – it has more than double the battery life and more than double the pod capacity, after all – but it’s also smaller than most vape pens.

The fit and finish of the device are also excellent. Pods install with a satisfying “click” – although the clicky feeling does diminish a bit over time – and the fire button doesn’t wobble or rattle.

Using the Uwell Caliburn

So, what’s it like to actually use the Uwell Caliburn? We’ll begin by providing some impressions based on our experience with the device, and we’ll continue by providing a brief walkthrough on how to use the Caliburn pod system. Finally, we’ll explain how to resolve the most common Uwell Caliburn problems.

Vapour Production

The Uwell Caliburn produces dramatically more vapour than pre-filled pod systems like the JUUL®. That’s because the Caliburn has a much larger atomizer coil – more like a vape pen coil than a typical pod system coil – and because it operates at a higher wattage.

The Caliburn also has amazing vapour production compared to most pod systems owing to the fact that it’s one of the few small pod systems with push-button manual operation. Automatic draw-based firing is also available, but if you’ve ever used a vaping device with automatic firing, you know that there’s always a delay during which you inhale nothing but air until the device begins producing vapour. When you use a device with a manual button, you can press the button before you begin inhaling. A manual button gives you an enormous increase in vapour production.

The Uwell Caliburn uses direct voltage output when supplying power to the atomizer coil. That means the Caliburn produces more vapour when the battery is full – due to the higher available voltage – than when the battery is nearly empty. When you notice a steep decline in vapour production, it’s time to charge the battery.


The other aspect of the Uwell Caliburn that influences the vapour production is the fact that it has a much smoother and less restrictive draw compared to devices like the JUUL®. If you like a vaping device that gives you a very restrictive mouth-to-lung draw, the Caliburn probably isn’t for you. If you like something that gives you an airy-mouth-to-lung draw or a slightly restricted lung hit, though, you’re going to love this device.

The Uwell Caliburn produces so much more vapour compared to other pod systems that you’re probably going to end up wanting to reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid if you buy this device. You could easily cut your nicotine strength in half without noticing a difference if you’re currently using an e-liquid with a nicotine strength around 5%. If you’re looking for a pod system that can take a high-nicotine e-liquid and deliver an even more potent hit than the JUUL®, though, you’ve found it right here.

Battery Life

As we’ve mentioned, the 520 mAh capacity of the Uwell Caliburn battery is more than double that of the 200 mAh JUUL®. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can vape three days on a single battery charge, though, because the Caliburn also operates at a higher wattage; up to 11 watts for the Caliburn compared to a maximum of 9 watts for the JUUL®.

You can definitely expect more vaping time with the Caliburn. You can expect to vape long enough on a single charge to drain the entire 2.0 ml pod, which is nearly triple the capacity of a JUUL® pod. Some people report that the battery lasts long enough to drain the pod twice.

How to Charge the Uwell Caliburn

You’ll charge the Uwell Caliburn with the included micro USB charging cable. Simply connect the charger to your computer’s USB port and to the charging port of the Caliburn. Don’t attempt to charge the Uwell Caliburn with the wall adapter for a tablet or mobile phone.

As you charge the Uwell Caliburn, the indicator light blinks in different colours to indicate the battery’s charge status. When the light blinks red, the battery is nearly empty. When the light blinks blue, the battery is halfway charged. The light blinks green when the battery is nearly full and turns solid when the charge cycle is complete. The light cycles through those colours in reverse to indicate the remaining battery life as you use the device.

The Uwell Caliburn charges fully in about 45 minutes. You can use the device while the battery charges as long as the battery isn’t completely depleted.

How to Fill the Uwell Caliburn

Filling the Uwell Caliburn pod is a very simple process. Pry off the pod’s black mouthpiece to expose the filling ports. Add e-liquid through one of the ports and replace the pod. Wait about ten minutes before vaping to ensure that the pod’s wick is completely wet.

Some people have commented that the mouthpiece of the Uwell Caliburn pod is a little difficult to remove. While that’s true, the mouthpiece’s tightness is also what makes the Caliburn so resistant to leaks. Keep wiggling the mouthpiece until it comes off.

If you use a nicotine salt e-liquid, you won’t have to worry about difficulty filling the Uwell Caliburn pod because nicotine salt e-liquid bottles usually have small nozzles. You might have a little difficulty with freebase nicotine e-liquid in a large bottle, though. The filling ports for the Uwell Caliburn pod are 3.5 mm wide. If you prefer e-liquid that comes in a bottle with a wide nozzle, you might want to buy a narrow-tipped bottle for filling the Caliburn.

Vaping With the Uwell Caliburn

At this point, you know how to charge and fill the Uwell Caliburn. The only thing that’s left is to vape. Unlock the battery by pressing the button five times quickly. Since the Caliburn supports both automatic and manual firing, you can vape either by puffing on the device or by holding the button.

You can check the level of e-liquid in the pod either by looking through the window or by removing the pod for a closer look. When the level of e-liquid is below the minimum fill line, it’s time to refill the pod.

Fixing the Most Common Uwell Caliburn Problems

Uwell Caliburn Not Charging

If your Uwell Caliburn isn’t charging, you may find that nothing happens when you connect the device to a USB port. You may also find that the device’s indicator light blinks red while charging. Try these tips to resolve the problem:

  • Check the device’s USB port to ensure that there isn’t any dust or pocket lint that could possible prevent charging. If you find any contaminations in the port, you can remove them gently with a toothpick.
  • Try charging the device from a different USB port or a different computer. If you’re using a wall adaptor, make sure that it’s a 1-amp adaptor. Don’t attempt to charge the Uwell Caliburn with the wall adaptor for a mobile phone or tablet; doing so could potentially cause the device to overheat.
  • Make sure you’re using a USB cable that supports charging. Some USB cables are designed for data transport only.
Uwell Caliburn Not Hitting

If your Uwell Caliburn isn’t hitting, it means that the device isn’t producing vapour even though the battery is charged. Follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Push the pod in until you feel a click. When the Uwell Caliburn isn’t hitting, the most common reason is that the pod isn’t fully seated. You need to drop the pod in and then push it down.
  • If the Caliburn still isn’t firing, remove the pod and see what’s happening under it. It may be that the pod has leaked. Wipe the chamber with a cotton swab. A leak can potentially block the device’s airflow sensor, which is on the side next to a magnet.
  • If you’re still experiencing a problem, it could be that a leaking pod has flooded the Caliburn’s internal electronics. Dislodge the e-liquid by blowing firmly through the top of the device while holding a paper towel against the bottom.
Dry Hits with the Uwell Caliburn

If you’re getting dry hits with the Uwell Caliburn, it means that the device is producing a harsh, dry vapour that burns your throat and tastes terrible. Dry hits can happen randomly during normal vaping, or you can get a dry hit with a completely new coil. Here’s how to fix Uwell Caliburn dry hits.

  • Make sure that you’re allowing sufficient time for the wick to become completely wet when you’re using a new pod. After filling a new pod, you should wait at least 10 minutes before vaping. You may also find it helpful to send a single drop of e-liquid down the pod’s centre air tube just to be certain that the wick is completely wet.
  • You can also try the primer puff technique before vaping with a new pod. After filling the pod, cover the pod’s air holes with your finger while inhaling gently through the mouthpiece. Primer puffs encourage the e-liquid to saturate the pod’s wick.
  • Make sure that your e-liquid isn’t too thick. The Uwell Caliburn works best with an e-liquid containing 70 percent vegetable glycerine or less. Because the pod’s wick openings are small, a high-VG e-liquid may not flow through the coil efficiently, leading to dry hits.
  • Refill your pod promptly when it’s low. Don’t attempt to vape until the pod is completely dry. When you look at the pod from the side, you can see that the coil’s wick holes are above the bottom of the e pod. If the e-liquid doesn’t cover the holes, you may get dry hits.
  • If you get a dry hit with every puff, it’s time to replace the pod. Either a previous dry hit has resulted in burned cotton – which ruins the pod permanently – or e-liquid residue has collected on the atomizer coil, robbing it of its flavour and performance. Residue collects on the coil much more quickly if you use sweetened e-liquid. Use unsweetened e-liquid for the best possible pod life.
Uwell Caliburn Leaking

One of the best aspects of the Uwell Caliburn is that it’s excellent at resisting leaks. If your Uwell Caliburn is leaking, you either have a rare faulty pod, or you need to change something about the way you’re using the device. Use these tips to fix a leaking Uwell Caliburn:

  • Use an e-liquid containing at least a little vegetable glycerine. And e-liquid containing about 50-70 percent VG is ideal. If you use an e-liquid containing only propylene glycol, the e-liquid will be so thin that it’ll flow too quickly through the Uwell Caliburn’s wick openings and flood the coil. That can lead to leaking.
  • Puff gently when vaping with the Uwell Caliburn. If you puff too aggressively, the air pressure will force excess e-liquid into the pod’s coil assembly, causing the pod to leak.
Uwell Caliburn Gurgling or Spitting

If your Uwell Caliburn is making gurgling sounds when you vape or spitting e-liquid into your mouth, it means that the atomizer coil is flooded or that e-liquid is caught in the pod’s centre chimney. Use these tips to fix a Uwell Caliburn that’s gurgling or spitting:

  • Follow the tips above for troubleshooting a leaking Uwell Caliburn. The same issues that cause your pod to leak can also cause it to gurgle and spit.
  • Don’t overfill your pod. You’ll notice when examining the pod that it has a maximum fill line. You need to leave a little room at the top of the pod for the barrier that helps prevent the pod from leaking. Otherwise, when you replace the pod’s mouthpiece, the barrier will push excess e-liquid into the pod’s atomizer coil.
  • When the pod is empty, remove it from the Uwell Caliburn. Hold a paper towel over the end of the pod and blow firmly through the mouthpiece. Blowing through the pod clears out any e-liquid caught in the pod’s centre channel or intake vents.

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