How does a JUUL® work?

How does a JUUL® work?

Whether you’re new to vaping or have years of experience, you know that the JUUL® e-cigarette has deservedly earned the reputation of being one of the most technologically advanced vaping devices in the world. Even if you’re already a JUUL® user, though, you may have never paused to think about how the device actually works or the many technological advances that have helped to make the product so popular. If you haven’t spent a great deal of time reading about how the JUUL® works or what sets it apart from other vaping products, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your guide to the inner workings of the JUUL® vaping system.

Self-Contained E-Liquid Pods

To work, any vaping device needs three things: a battery for power, an atomizer coil for heating and e-liquid to create vapour. In the JUUL®, the atomizer coil and e-liquid are in a single self-contained unit called the pod. You never have to fill the JUUL® with e-liquid; when the juice in a pod runs out, you’ll simply throw it away and begin using another pod. JUUL® pods use a simple push-pull replacement system that makes swapping pods incredibly easy.

When you look closely at a JUUL® pod, you’ll see a small enclosure at the bottom of the e-liquid reservoir with two small silica wicks extending from it. The pod’s atomizer coil is inside the enclosure, and the wicks draw e-liquid toward the coil from the reservoir. The enclosure isolates the atomizer coil and prevents e-liquid from leaking out of the pod. When you use the JUUL®, the vapour travels from the atomizer coil to your mouth through the small tube in the centre of the pod.

Automatic Puff Sensor

The JUUL® has an automatic airflow sensor that detects when you puff on the device. Some vaping devices use manual activation buttons that you need to hold when vaping; the fact that the JUUL® has an airflow sensor means that you can hold it exactly as you would hold a cigarette. Since the vapour from the JUUL® feels much like cigarette smoke when you inhale it, the automatic puff sensor only increases the sensation that makes using the JUUL® feel almost like smoking.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Speaking of features that make the JUUL® feel more like a cigarette, perhaps the most important feature that makes the JUUL® work as well as it does is the fact that the pods are filled with super-satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid. Even at nicotine strengths resembling that of a cigarette, nicotine salt e-liquid produces a throat hit that’s assertive but smooth – never harsh and unpleasant.

While we’re on the subject of higher nicotine strengths, the JUUL® is one of the best vaping devices for smokers anxious to make the switch because its high nicotine strength of 5 percent allows it to deliver nicotine to the blood almost as quickly as a tobacco cigarette. For those who have different needs, lower-strength JUUL® pods are also available. Read our blog for more information about how to choose the right nicotine strength.

Automatic Temperature Control

If you’ve ever used another vaping device, you probably know what it’s like to vape when you’ve forgotten to fill your tank or swap out an empty pod. You get what’s called a “dry hit” – with no e-liquid to keep it cool, the atomizer coil becomes red hot and emits harsh, irritating fumes. One of the features that makes the JUUL® so user friendly is an automatic temperature sensing feature that prevents the atomizer coil from overheating. If the pod is empty, the JUUL® simply stops producing vapour.

Has your JUUL® stopped generating vapour even though the battery is fully charged, and there’s still e-liquid in the pod? Air bubbles have probably formed around one or both of the pod’s wicks. The bubbles prevent e-liquid from reaching the atomizer coil. The JUUL®’s temperature control functionality kicks in, and the device stops producing vapour. Tap the JUUL® gently to break the air bubbles and get the e-liquid flowing again.

Magnetic Charging Dock

The JUUL® features a simple magnetic charging dock that connects to any computer’s USB port and is small enough that you may decide to leave it in all of the time. To charge the JUUL® battery, just drop it into the dock. The battery begins charging immediately, and the magnet holds it in place. If you’ve ever used a vaping device with a micro USB charging port, you’ll find the JUUL®’s magnetic charger to be a much more elegant solution. It’s sometimes difficult to orient a charging cable properly, and charging ports can sometimes break. The JUUL® magnetic charging dock is simple to use, and it’s incredibly reliable since there’s no USB charging port that can break off.

Motion Sensing Technology

The last unique feature that makes the JUUL® work is perhaps a bit more fun than functional, but it’s one of the little things that gives the JUUL® vaping experience its magic and has helped the device earn the devotion of millions around the world. The JUUL® battery has a built-in motion sensor that makes it possible for you to check the battery’s remaining charge level simply by tapping the indicator light twice. The light flashes green, yellow or red to indicate the remaining charge.

The JUUL®’s motion sensing technology also makes a fun feature possible that members of the JUUL® community have nicknamed “party mode.” Try puffing on the JUUL® in front of a mirror. When the indicator light turns white, wave the JUUL® around. Watch as the light cycles through a rainbow of colours.

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