JUUL® Skins: The Ultimate Guide

JUUL® Skins: The Ultimate Guide

JUUL® devices are available in an enormous variety of colours, including great new limited-edition shades such as Navy Blue and Blush Gold. As fun as it might be to show a new JUUL® colour to your friends, though, you may still crave way to customise your JUUL® device further and create a vaping experience that’s truly your own. That’s why JUUL® skins exist. JUUL® skins – also called JUUL® wraps – are semi-permanent decals that wrap around a JUUL® device and transform its appearance. There’s an almost infinite variety of JUUL® skins in the world, so using a JUUL® wrap means that you might never find another person with exactly the same JUUL® device as you. Here’s how they work.

What Are JUUL® Skins?

A JUUL® skin is a way to customize your JUUL® device and show off your fanhood while simultaneously protecting the device from everyday scratches and scrapes. JUUL® wraps are usually made from printed vinyl with adhesive on one side. Though they’ll generally stick to your device as long as you want them to without peeling, they’re also relatively easy to remove when you decide that you’re in the mood for something different.

Are There Any JUUL® Skin Alternatives?

Yes. If you’re looking for a different way to keep your JUUL® protected, you can buy a sleeve or holder instead. JUUL® sleeves are usually made from silicone or semi-rigid plastic and simply slide over the JUUL® battery. You can also find wallets and cases that protect the device when it’s not in use.

Where Can I Buy JUUL® Skins?

Many companies specialise in making vinyl wraps for a variety of different consumer devices, and several of those companies carry JUUL® skins. You can probably also find JUUL® wraps at some of your local vape shops. Although JUUL® wraps are designed for use with vaping products, they aren’t vaping products in themselves. Therefore, you can find them on marketplaces that don’t normally allow vaping products, such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

How to Buy the Best JUUL® Skin

Before you buy a JUUL® skin, it’s important to know that they can vary greatly in quality. Anyone can get a template, print some skins and call themselves a JUUL® wrap maker. You might appreciate a skin that has a bit of a home-made touch, but most people are likely to prefer skins made with a bit more professionalism. When you buy a top-quality skin, you can expect a decal that’s made from high-quality vinyl. You can expect clear, colourful printing and perfect laser cutting.

In some cases, a JUUL® skin will have a permeable membrane that allows air to escape and makes bubbles easy to remove. In addition, a JUUL® skin may also include a matching wrap for the USB charger. A few packages even include skins for the pods, but bear in mind that a JUUL® pod skin is mainly a single-use item for photos. It isn’t easy to transfer a skin from one pod to another without stretching and distorting it.

A final benefit of buying a JUUL® skin from a high-end seller is the fact that some sellers will actually replace your skin if you make a mistake when installing it. That’s a huge feature if you’ve never used a JUUL® wrap before or don’t have the steadiest of hands.

How to Install a JUUL® Skin

Before you begin installing a JUUL® skin, clear some space on a table and make sure that your hands and JUUL® are clean and dry. Clean the JUUL® with a slightly damp cloth; don’t use any harsh solvents.

Remove the JUUL® wrap from its protective backing and use a narrow object such as a paperclip to remove the cutout for the JUUL®’s indicator light.

Position your JUUL® on a table with the light facing up and align the light with the hole in the skin. Making sure that the edges of the skin line up with the edges of the JUUL®, begin pressing down to adhere the wrap to the battery. Apply the skin to one side of the battery at a time, smoothing out air bubbles and wrinkles as you go.

Aside from getting the edges to line up perfectly, the most difficult part of installing a JUUL® skin is ensuring that it wraps around the corners of the battery without developing wrinkles or bubbles. In some cases, the material of a JUUL® wrap is a little thinner in the areas that wrap around the battery. You can stretch those areas a little to ensure that they fit tightly. If you have a thicker JUUL® skin that resists bending, you can soften the material by heating it gently with a hairdryer.

How to Remove a JUUL® Skin

Most JUUL® skins are designed to be fairly easy to remove because many people like to change their devices’ looks regularly. To remove a JUUL® wrap, place your fingernail under the seam and pry up gently until you’ve lifted the wrap up enough that you can grasp it between your finger and thumb. Once you’ve got a grip on the wrap, you can simply pull to remove it from your JUUL®. In most cases, makers of JUUL® skins use residue-free adhesives. If a skin does happen to leave a little glue on your JUUL®, you can remove it with orange oil or rubbing alcohol.

Remember that the vinyl used for most JUUL® skins stretches easily. That’s how the skin can be flexible enough to wrap smoothly around the corners of the battery. That flexibility, however, also means that a JUUL® skin will most likely stretch out of shape when you remove it. A JUUL® skin will only look perfect the first time you install it. Don’t remove a skin until you’re certain that you’re done with it.

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