How to Open a Puff™ Bar?

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How to Open a Puff™ Bar?

“How do you open a Puff Bar?”

If you’re an aficionado of disposable vapes, this is a question that you may have asked yourself multiple times. After all, it’s possible to gain access to the internals of most other vaping devices if you need to troubleshoot a problem. Surely, the same thing must be true of disposable vapes even though the devices aren’t technically designed to be serviced by end users. Someone assembled your device, though. Therefore, there must be some way to disassemble a Puff Bar.

As you’re about to learn, opening a Puff Bar isn’t actually that difficult – and there are some perfectly valid reasons why you might want to do it. Reading this article, you’re going to learn how to open a Puff Bar, Puff Bar Plus or Puff Bar XXL. You’re also going to learn the reasons why you might want to do that.

So, let’s dive right in and learn more. What are some of the reasons why you might want to open a Puff Bar?

Why You Might Want to Open a Puff Bar

For the most part, a Puff Bar isn’t a device that you’ll ever need to disassemble. However, there are several exceptions that might make you want to open your device anyway. Here are a few of them.

  • Your Puff Bar isn’t hitting, and it’s a new product that has never worked. If you bought your device from Premium Vape, visit our Returns Policy page before continuing. If you receive a product from us that’s dead on arrival, we’re here to help. If you purchased your Puff Bar elsewhere, though, you might decide to try fixing it on your own. In some cases, it’s possible to correct an assembly issue and get a non-functional Puff Bar working.
  • Your Puff Bar is giving you weak hits, and you’d like to see if you can find and correct an airflow problem to get the device working more consistently.
  • Your Puff Bar is out of e-liquid, and you’d like to see if you can refill it and get a little more usage out of the device (check out our article on refilling a Puff Bar first).
  • You’ve dropped your Puff Bar in water, and you’d like to dry the components out and see if you can get the device working again.

While opening a Puff Bar is a valid step in troubleshooting some types of problems, the fact that you want to disassemble your device may have nothing to do with fixing an issue. Maybe you’re ready to dispose of the device anyway and simply want to see how it works.

With those possible reasons out of the way, there are two different methods for opening a Puff Bar: from the top and from the bottom. We’ll start with the simpler of the two methods.

How to Open a Puff Bar, Puff Bar Plus or Puff Bar XXL from the Top

Opening the Puff Bar from the top doesn’t give you full access to the device’s internal components, but it does allow you to remove and reposition the fabric pad and silicone gasket under the device’s mouthpiece. Those components help to manage airflow and absorb the condensation that might otherwise get into your mouth when you try to vape. Opening a Puff Bar from the top can help you troubleshoot a Puff Bar that isn’t hitting.

  • Wiggle the Puff Bar’s mouthpiece gently to remove it. If you have trouble removing the mouthpiece with your fingers, you may need to insert a thin tool such as a metal spatula and pry the mouthpiece off.
  • Remove the fabric pad under the mouthpiece with a pair of tweezers.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the silicone gasket under the fabric pad.

This is as far as you can go with disassembling a Puff Bar if you open it from the top. If you want to go further, you’ll need to open the device from the bottom. We’ll explain that next.

How to Open a Puff Bar, Puff Bar Plus or Puff Bar XXL from the Bottom

If you want to access all of the device’s internal components, you’ll need to open your Puff Bar from the bottom. You might want to do this for more intense troubleshooting or because you want to refill the device or remove excess moisture.

Important Note: Puff Bar products are not intended to be serviced by end users. Any lithium-ion battery presents a potential fire risk if it is mishandled. This information is presented for informational purposes only. Do not follow any of these steps if you do not understand the safety risks inherent in disassembling electronic items. Premium Vape disclaims all liability for any adverse events occurring due to the use or misuse of this information.

  • Wiggle the Puff Bar’s bottom plastic cap gently to remove it. If you find the cap difficult to remove, you can pry it with a thin metal tool. Be very careful when removing or pulling the device’s bottom cap because there are two fragile wires connecting the cap to the battery. If a wire breaks, your Puff Bar will stop working.
  • Tug gently on the wires until the battery begins to emerge from the bottom of the Puff Bar. When you see the battery, begin tugging on the battery rather than the wires. If the battery doesn’t move when you tug on the wires, don’t try to force it because you could end up breaking the wires. Instead, stop here and follow the instructions above for opening the Puff Bar from the top. After removing the fabric pad and silicone gasket, push the remaining components down to loosen the battery.
  • Continue pulling gently on the battery until all of the Puff Bar’s internal components come out of the device’s case. You’ll see three components that are all connected by thin wires: the bottom cap, the battery and the atomizer coil assembly with a cotton wick wrapped around it.
  • To reassemble the Puff Bar, slide the components back into the device’s casing in reverse order. Push the bottom cap and top mouthpiece until you feel them click into place.